Have you noticed that the Watchtower is not emphasizing how close the end is as much?

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  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    maybe the watchtower hopes for some more "peace and security" to trigger the big A - and always telling people about the end of the world doesn't really make them feel all that secure?

  • oldflame

    Listen friends I am reading a book right now called Til Eternity . If you have not read this yet I strongle suggest you do it puts the Triblation all out in order in layman terms so it is easier to understand. Let me tell you all something . In scripture it says that when Isreal became a nation was the generation scripture speaks of also in 1967 Isreal took land that belong to the Palestines. Those ywo events alone are scriptural and whats next ? Well guess what folks ? This coming October Isreal will be signing a peace treaty with other surrounding countries . Okay a Generation is 70 years according to scripture, Scrpitures say's that whe Isreal signs the false peace treaty then guess what is next ? Yes the anti-christ will be known as he will reveal himself.

    We are in the last days, I am not a witness either, I am a Christian . I do not claim any religion I claim faith in Jesus Christ. If you have not been born again you may loose your opportunity to everlasting life .

  • DaCheech

    a buddy of mine just got his hours cut to part time.

    He used those words, and plus he used the "satan is testing him" line

  • DesirousOfChange

    I'll have to start paying attention to this, but frankly I thought the idea that the nearness of THE END is NOT being emphasised erroneous. I just scanned through the NOV 15th issue and observed the following thoughts:

    " In view of the imminent end of the present system of things, as Jehovah’s servants we realize that this is no time to settle down in this dying world." NOV 15, 2011 pg 19, p10

    "A fundamental reason why we as true Christians consider ourselves to be “aliens and temporary residents” in this world is our conviction that its days are numbered." NOV 15, 2011 pg 20 p 15

    That's just one mag, and only 2 quotes, but I sure did not get that impression from the Dist Conv parts.



  • gubberningbody

    WTBS - "The Last Days are Numbered!"-(see footnote)

    footnote: "Think of the highest number you can think of. Then add one."

  • flipper

    STUCKINAMOVEMENT- Hey buddy, how are you ? WT society doesn't HAVE to emphasize it as much since they covered their bases with the " overlapping generation " theory . They bought an extra 100 years or so with that " new light " - so they think they have JW's by the short and curly now- you know ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • DesirousOfChange

    If it's true that Watchtower is not emphasizing how close the end is as much?.........

    Could it be that as the Bethel heavies read this board they came across the thread or 32 pages by OBVES entitled "CLOSE TO THE END OF THE WORLD" which goes into detail about the 70 week of years and the prophetic significance of 607BC + 2520 = 1914.

    All of this seems particularly timely right now considering the New Light at the Dist Conv on this prophecy.

    But then take a closer look at OBVES's "CLOSE TO THE END" thread -----------(Did someone shout: How Close Is It??)

    It's from NINE F&%KING YEARS AGO!

    Of course, it's one that that OBVES was saying that NINE years ago.

    WT was saying that 109 years ago!

  • wannabefree

    Here are some quotes on this subject from 2011 Study Edition Watchtower ....

    Every month ... the purpose of the magazine

    It comforts people with the good news that God's Kingdom,
    which is a real government in heaven, will soon bring an
    end to all wickedness and transform the earth into a paradise.

    Feb 2011

    22. Why is it urgent that we seek God's approval
    without delay?

    Soon the full benefits of that ransom payment
    will accrue to those who gain God's

    The ungodly will soon be removed,
    and lovers of righteousness will no
    longer experience the distress caused by law defying
    people and their evil deeds. (2 Pet. 2:7, 8)

    Jehovah, the Most High,
    knows what is taking place and will soon deliver
    lovers of righteousness.

    God's day of judgment "upon all those
    dwelling upon the face of all the earth" is
    imminent. (Luke 21:34, 35) There is no escaping

    March 2011

    In view of what some might consider
    a delay, a Christian could lose his sense of
    urgency and instead give priority to a comfortable

    Such reminders are needed when
    as a result of waiting over what seems to be
    an extended period, people are at risk of losing
    their sense of urgency.

    Keep in mind that Jehovah is awake and
    will usher in his righteous new world right
    on time. Knowing that should urge on those
    of the Jeremiah class and help their dedicated
    companions to keep awake to the increasing
    urgency of their message.

    proving themselves ready for what Jehovah
    will soon do.

    Ask yourself: ‘Does my life truly reflect
    the urgency of our times? Does my way of
    life show that I expect the end to come

    May 2011

    The storm clouds of Armageddon cannot
    be far-off. Soon it will be time for the
    Son of man to come to execute Jehovah's
    judgment on the ungodly. (Ps. 37:10; Prov. 2:
    21, 22)

    Satan,who will soon be abyssed
    like a roaring but toothless lion fit only for
    destruction!-1 Pet. 5:8, 9

    June 2011

    Doubtless, one point that you stress is that God
    will soon intervene in human affairs. With the "great
    tribulation," he will end false religion and
    clear the earth of wickedness. (Matt. 24:21)

    August 2011

    Christ will soon destroy his foes as he ‘rides
    in the cause of truth, humility, and righteousness.'
    (Ps. 2:8, 9; 45:1-6)

    (Anthony Morris of the Governing Body) urged all
    to "close ranks" with the Governing Body, to
    draw close together as would soldiers entering
    the thick of the battle.

    October 2011

    How comforting it is to
    know that God's toleration of Satan and his
    evil system will soon end, and the issue Satan
    raised regarding Jehovah's sovereignty will
    be settled!-Gen., chap. 3; Job, chap. 2.

    November 2011

    In view of the imminent end of the
    present system of things, as Jehovah's servants
    we realize that this is no time to settle
    down in this dyingworld.

  • stuckinamovement

    Thanks Wannabefree,

    I stand corrected. It must be my lack of faith that has caused me to ignore these warnings and timely reminders.


  • 00DAD


    Don't feel bad about missing it. You have just heard, "Soon, shortly, Imminent, "this world's days are numbered", "fast approaching", "at the threshold", " rapidly approaching ", "drawing near" … etc. " SO MANY TIMES THEY HAVE COMPLETELY LOST ANY MEANING!


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