Dec 15 2011 WT: playing school sports equated with cheating on taxes & lying - wtf?

by baltar447 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • Quendi

    This article proves that the WTS is now suffering from the "China Syndrome". It long ago hit rock bottom and is now burrowing a hole all the way to China. I hope when it gets there it will fall off the Earth entirely. This xenophobic cult never ceases to amaze me. Ordinary human activities and desires are now equated to gross sin! And both Mad Sweeney and punkonice are right to say this is nothing less than an assault on free will and the power of reason. Or to put it in WTS parlance, this is a call to the membership to throw their consciences out and accept the dictates of an isolated, fear-mongering clique in Brooklyn!

    Watching the WTS operate and the control it has over rank and file Witnesses is an object lesson in how absolute power corrupts absolutely. I can now understand how Hitler and Stalin gained and maintained power in the twentieth century. I now believe that I was lucky to get out of this cult at all, that my expulsion was a real blessing because it has enabled me to recover my soul. Yet I have to also remember that I once was one of those sycophants who marched in lockstep with everyone else, hanging on to every utterance the Governing Body made. "Thus saith The Watchtower" became the equivalent of "Thus saith Jehovah". Articles like this one make me realize that freedom is kept only through eternal vigilance, and that we must never grow dull in our powers of understanding.


  • NewChapter

    "Today, holy spirit is available to aid Christians, whatever their hope

    LOL--get your holy spirit here! Two bags one dollar. HOLY SPIRIT! Get your holy spirit. Get it while it's hot.

    Sorry---I just got this pic of a peanut vendor in a red and whit striped shirt, shouting out that holy spirit was available.

    This was simply a message from our sponsers. I return you now to your regular programming.


  • punkofnice

    "Today, holy spirit is available to aid Christians, whatever their hope

    Really? I never saw any. If it were that good the GB wouldn't need 'new light'(TM) to cover up all the gaffs the holy spirit made getting stuff very wrong.

    This is just blatant 'mystical manipulation'!

  • yourmomma

    seems like ever since the watchtower went to the JW only study edition, there have been attacks on normal things like work, relaxing, sports, gatherings, even going to the bathroom during the meeting, lol.

    my question is, whats next? These get crazier and crazier, what is it going to be like in 2 years? wow.

  • baltar447

    I agree, they've gotten downright nuttier and nuttier since they split the editions. At least before they had to be reasonable sounding since the whole magazine was given to the public.

  • minimus

    To a Witness--- "makes sense".....

  • TD

    I'm with you, Baltar.


    For me, the part about marrying only in the lord is especially offensive.

  • sizemik
    The point is, Solomon must have used imperfect reasoning to get around what God commanded, and that same danger exists for us.

    To be fair . . . there is a lot of truth in what they say here.

  • MrFreeze

    Wait so Jehovah commanded no after school clubs or sports?

  • sabastious
    14 Will we let Solomon’s course be a warning example for us? A sister might attempt to rationalize forming a romantic link that ignores God’s directive to marry “only in the Lord.” (1 Cor. 7:39) With similar rationalizing, one might share in extracurricular sports or clubs at school, underreport taxable income, or tell untruths when asked to reveal actions that could be embarrassing. The point is, Solomon must have used imperfect reasoning to get around what God commanded, and that same danger exists for us.

    The twist is no where on earth does perfect reasoning exist. What are they going to go out on a limb and call the Watchtower perfect?


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