Watchtower admits the KISS method works - Nov 1, 2011 WT, p. 24

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    Okay, that's the best I can do with the picture quality for now. I am not especially good at graphics.

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    Thanks for posting this!

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    Mickey mouse

    Thank you Alleymom.

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    It takes a very strange religion to place such frenzied interest in the exact date of some obscure historical event.

    Even stranger that they manage to get this date completely wrong, when they value it so much.

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    Crisis of Conscience

    Thanks Alleymom!!


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    sweet pea

    Wow. Can't wait to see what JW's will make of this! Especially family . . .

    Thanks Alleymom.

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    Sweetpea, CoC, James Woods, Mickey Mouse, yalbmert88, Pams girl -


    The two points to be emphasized are very simple, with no complicated discussions of VAT 4956, Josephus, Ptolemy, etc.

    1) On page 24 of the Nov. 1, 2011 WT, they acknowledge that the counting backwards method works, and that it will take you to 587 BCE for the destruction of Jerusalem. This is a HUGE admission on their part, imo. I believe it is the first time they have admitted that the
    counting backwards method, which I dubbed the "KISS approach" in 2003, works and that it takes you to 587 BCE.

    2) They say it will only work "if each king followed the other in the same year, without any breaks in between."
    But that is precisely what the WT of 1/1/1965 shows. See my post 1313 above.
    The aricle is "The Rejoicing of the Wicked is Short lived." The subsection "Babylon's Last Dynasty of Semite Kings" gives the succession of the neo-Babylonian kings. They even use the word "succeeded" twice.
    I gave other quotes from WT literature in the original KISS thread.

    Using the WT's own data, if you count backwards from 539 BCE you will arrive at the correct date for the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar.

  • erbie

    Wow! Can this be real after all these years. Are they preparing the way for back tracking?

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