Ugly people and crimes.

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  • mrsjones5

    And Dahmer was a nice looking guy. Bat shit crazy and a serial murderer but nice looking.

  • james_woods
    Bat shit crazy and a serial murderer but nice looking.

    Not to mention a cannible. He didn't last long in prison.

  • Lore

    Not to mention a cannible. He didn't last long in prison.

    Why? People in prision are poisonous or something?

  • AGuest

    Hmmmm... the woman in the picture doesn't look aesthetically ugly to me, dear Lore (peace to you!); indeed, since photos often make us look better... or worse... than we appear in real life, I'm not sure they're good bases on which to place our judgment. I'm also a bit amused that she is/appears to be Asian. In that culture, she might be considered a mind-blowing beauty, depending on who you ask. Also headshots are often misleading as well.

    Either way, if she killed her own child in a microwave... she was under the influence or mentally/emotionally sick... or a bit of a monster... good looks be damned. Which corresponds, IMHO, to that whole "gold ring in the snout of a pig" comparison.

    Keep in mind, though, that many physically beautiful women kill their children all the time (it's called abortion)... and many men either stand by or talk them into doing it. I know, I know... some don't believe a fetus to be a child. To that I would say that perhaps abortion, like beauty... is simply in the "eye" of the "beholder."

    Ennywho, again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who believes that ugly IS... ONLY as ugly DOES... and everything else is pretty "beautiful"...

  • Mary
    jameswood asked: And I saw on a True Crime TV show that the woman (who was absolutely equally guilty) did minimum time for it and is now out and living incognito.

    Yep. Karla Homolka is now out of prison, remarried and has a baby and is apparently living in the Carribean, courtesy of course, of the taxpayers dollars. If only these two scumbags had committed their crimes in Texas, both of them would be six feet under by now. Unfortunately, Canada does not have the death penalty.

  • tec

    I agree that she does not appear ugly at all. Even pretty, especially considering that its a photo that she isn't smiling in. Keep in mind that people's best photos aren't always the ones released to the public. Especially not if they're mug shots or drivers licences.

    Physical appearance has nothing to do with what is on the inside.



  • fallen_princess

    sure, there are plenty of good looking criminals out there, but Lore makes a good point. Most criminals are ugly. I think it can be perhaps explained as natural selection at work. Think about how these people that later turned criminals grew up. Perhaps as a direct or indirect reaction to their looks, they were marginalized and neglected which can have a powerful effect on a person's psyche, thus starting a chain reaction. It's a cold hard fact that beautiful people are treated better. I know my mom is quite vocal about being thankful she bore good-looking, light complected children which I always had mixed feelings about. my mom is of Italian and Spaniard descent so she is very fair skinned with dark hair and eyes. My dad is darker skinned than she is but not by a lot since he has a little native indian and black in him about 4 generations away. I swear sometimes I hate how people are...

  • fallen_princess

    oh hey, this remeinded me about the Craigslist Killer! he was pretty dashing and quite not the personality type you would expect, but, we are all a product of our experiences, so who knows what experiences lead him to target beautiful women?

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Diane Downs was considered beautiful.

    Farrah Fawcet played her in a Lifetime movie.

    Nah, people can look nice if they don't let themselves go.

    Few look ugly who really take care of themselves and are healthy.

    Not all criminals take care of themselves, so they become ugly.

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