'Apostates' being labelled 'mentally diseased'. Is discrimination against mentally disabled people by using it as a 'hate crime' term?

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  • punkofnice

    Sorry if I'm not expressing myself very well but I wasn't allowed an education due to WBT$ regulations.

    What I'm trying to say is that the WBT$ using the term 'mentally diseased' as an insulting term against those fictitious 'apostates' they want everyone to 'HATE', is surely very discriminatory against those that have a genuine mental illness.

    It's like calling a white person that has caught a suntan the 'n' word isn't it? Offensive, inappropriate and utterly destructive.

    In the UK the press can be pretty sensitive about such name calling that implies that mental disease is somehow to be used as a hate crime word.

    Is it worth writing to the press to complain about such discrimination?

  • Cyruse
  • punkofnice

    Sod it. I sent this email to a couple of UK newspapers.....

    I was sickened to hear that the Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the globe studied an article in the private edition of the Watchtower (15 July ’11 available only on special request if not a member).

    I was sickened because of the discriminatory words of hate used in an Orwellian manner against those that do not wish to remain in the organization.

    I was appalled at the way people with mental health issues were used as a yardstick against those leaving the Watchtower organization.

    Quote: para 6

    ‘’ Suppose that a doctor

    told you to avoid contact with someone who

    is infected with a contagious, deadly disease.

    You would know what the doctor means,

    and you would strictly heed his warning.

    Well, apostates are “mentally diseased,”

    and they seek to infect others

    with their disloyal teachings.

    (1 Tim. 6:3, 4)’’

    ‘Apostates’ to the watchtower are those that do not wish to be identified as a Jehovah’s Witness’.

    I think this kind of sick discrimination needs exposing.

    Yours P

  • Bella15

    How more twisted can they get ??? I don't see the association ... of a physical with an emotional or mental disease ...

  • happyexjw
  • erbie

    Well, name calling is invariably a sign of insecurity and a diminished self image.

    The Jehovah's resort to this dirty tactic every time. After all, they cannot rely on reason and a solid argument can they!

  • mummatron

    Uncle P,

    That was a very anti-establishment thing to do. Very PUNK.

    I approve!

  • sizemik

    Unky you make an extremely valid point . . .

    They only get away with this because we let them. I am sending this to the NZ Human Rights Commission for comment.

    ED: In fact I've sent it. Using your template slightly modified Unky . . . didn't think you'd mind.

  • discreetslave


    I think of all those in the congregations who have real issues, They are being caompared to people thay are taught are the scum of earth. Is it any wonder so many feel fleeced. I hate the WBT$ so much for the abuse they heap in those so loyal to them.


    Punk and Sizemik..

    You 2 just did more damage to the WBT$..

    Than a loud mouth like Rick Fearon could ever do..

    This has legs..I`m Impressed..


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