Shredding the Organised to Accomplish Our Ministry book

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  • scotsman

    Timmy, I'm presuming they want the whole thing shredded as the contents were superceded by Organized to do Jehovah's Will (which I've never seen) in 2005.

    I know I'm supposed to hate, and have been traumatised by, the Paradise Lost book but I loved the graphics and it was certainly better than the grotesquery that followed: My Book of Bible Stories.

  • VM44

    "Organised to Accomplish Our Ministry book"

    Is that book online?

  • TimothyT

    Ahhhh sorry... i got confused. I was baptised in 2007 so i had no idea there were two books. Lol.

    You arent missing much. I looked at it when i went through my questions and after that, i picked it up whenever i wanted to see how dumb the organisation had become.

    Like i said, i shredded my 2005 version anyway, and am now disfellowshipped. Yipeee!!!

  • discreetslave

    Like LeavingWT said "He who controls the past, can control the future"

  • wobble

    "Controlling the past" is obviously what the WT hopes to achieve, but they cannot, the Internet will see to that.

  • erbie

    Designs! Yes, precisely. When you have been away from it for some time it does seem bizarre. It's like a lot of childish nonsense. I burned all my old books. One heck of a fire. Hotter than the firey furnace!

    Actually, in truth, here's what we did as a family. My fourteen year old son put an axe through every single book (four bin loads). Then we put them in a pile and set fire to them. We turned our backs to the fire, wiped our feet on the grass and promised ourselves never to look back.

    Morbid? I dont know but it sure did get rid of a few demons! And our household feels less weighed down after 16 years of Watchtower.

    I love it.

  • Perry

    Since when do publishing companies demand that their publications be shredded? They are on their last paranoid noodle. This kind of paranoia in a cult can be deadly. Remember what happened in Jonestown when that leader felt his control slipping.

    This is disturbing.

  • DarioKehl

    I've been looking for PROOF that they've requested this!!! Is there a PDF of the letter??? I have people lined up who I want to show it to!

  • jwfacts

    In a recent thread Atlantis shared a link to the 2011 letters at

    Intructions regarding shredding the Organized book is on page 18.

    If anyone has one it will be worth keeping as a collectors item for the future.

  • AllTimeJeff

    JWfacts, if I may ask please, is it your view that this is legit?

    No offense, I trust certain posters here. My last official contact with this cult was 2006.

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