Shredding the Organised to Accomplish Our Ministry book

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  • scotsman

    Just read through the 2011 letters to USA BoE and the 8 February one on disposing of old WT books/magazine struck me as apparently the CO needs to authorise their disposal. What really intrigued me was that the OM book was required to have it's cover removed and the pages "shredded".

    Was everyone in the congegation asked to shred their personal copies too?

  • Sapphy

    I vaguely remember an announcement that if we wanted to 'dispose of old editions' we could bring the books to the KH where they would be taken back to Bethel for recycling.

    I imagine the instruction to shred pages of Elder's copies is because the OM book was used in Elder school quite a bit & some brothers may have made some injudiciously honest notes in the margins?

  • designs

    you know when you'e away from all this stuff it just gets more bizarre....

  • punkofnice

    designs - EXACTLY!!

    Now nothing surprises me with their control freak attitudes.

    What next? Drink the Kool-aid?

  • scotsman

    Sapphy, the instruction was for unused copies that remained in stock.

    I've been out for 10 years and that instruction seemed wholly bizarre. As if they were trying to bury the past...

  • wobble

    I was born- in in 1950, the first instance of this I remember was the instruction to destroy the old green coloured book entitled "Let God be True", which had been replaced by a cacky brown coloured one with the latest shite, sorry, "light" in it.

    Many years later they demanded that all copies of the old kiddies "Paradise" book be returned to Bethel, the ghastly peachy coloured thing full of scary gore and blood filled pictures.

    Our Congo. and many individuals within, did not comply, even when I left both books were proudly displayed in the K.H library.

    They are on a hiding to nothing, you cannot hide what you put in print years ago any more, one day it will dawn on the retarded GB and bethel Nazis that we are in the Internet age:

    "The Truth is Out There"

  • leavingwt

    "He who controls the past, can control the future."

  • WTWizard

    Better to post them online and then destroy them.

  • hamsterbait

    The old peach "Paradise Lost " books were then sold off.

    I remember the advert in the Witchtower, that a generation of youngsters grew up with the book , and if you wanted a copy to order one as there was only a limited number. (sometime in the late 70s early 80s)

    At a price of course.


  • TimothyT

    I shredded mine ages ago anyway, before i was even disfellowshipped. What a waste of time it was. Out of interest, which parts of the book did they want to remove?

    Timmy xxx

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