Non NWT use in Public Talks

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  • cantleave

    I am sure that when I gave talks, although the NWT was always the main bible used, other translations could be used to make a point.

    The elders recived a Letter dated May10th 2011 re:Public Speakers and it stated under the subheading "Reading from Scriptures"

    Scriptures should be read by the speaker rather than requesting a volunteer from the audience. The New World Translation should be used, if available. There may be occasions when the speaker desires to read from the New World Translation and thereafter briefly mention the way that another translation renders a phrase or verse. Good judgment is needed in this regard.

    Is this new? or was I just never aware about it being this explicit!!

  • punkofnice

    Cantleave - It's news to me. If it is new it looks like they really are cracking down in all areas. They've gone all 'Moby Dick' finally!

  • scotsman

    I remember reading from the Living Bible... and reading directly from Barclay's commentaries. I guess that wouldn't be permitted now.

  • punkofnice

    I remember they used to sell other translations at the A$$€m?£i€$ ....including the Byington NT. (because it had the WBT$ brand name for god, Jehovah TM in it).

    Let's face it other translations make more sense than the NWT that simply exists to prop up WBT$ whacky doctrine.

    That's why they want to use the NWT, it's totally biased and many a mistranslation within!

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    i did one bible reading from the elberfelder bible, the one the german JWs used before the NWT was translated to german. oh, the shocked looks i got...

  • blondie

    I would say there must be an increase in doing it and many COs might be commenting on it in their reports to Bethel. The WTS does it all the time when it is convenient when they want to up the negative meaning.

    The only time I saw someone other than the speaker read a scripture was when the speaker was blind (not a Braille user). They have in the last 6 months in the study article.

  • scotsman

    Blondie, how would the COs know? They only public talks they hear are the ones they give.

  • wobble

    We had two crawlers who would probably report something like that to the C.O, one of them was so far up the C.O's arse that he could see the others feet.

    Just more control, and rightly so, I have listened to talks where other versions were read and it started me thinking about the bias in translation, and who had got it right, the WT don't want too much of that kind of thought !

  • punkofnice

    Scotsman -

    how would the COs know?

    I agree with Wobble. There are the suck ups on the BOE that wish to appear to be 'company men' in order to climb the ranks and be judgemental over-sneers! So they tell 'SIR' AKA circus over-sneer, just like the good little schoolboy snitch they are!

    The WBT$ are narrowing the reading base of JWs once again. 'Information control' strikes again.

  • BluesBrother

    read from the New World Translation and thereafter briefly mention the way that another translation renders a phrase or verse.

    Definitely a tightening of procedure and control.... We used to have the freedom to use another translation if we thought that it brought out the intended thought (slant?) better. Now it seems they may only refer to it in passing. There will always be a WT clone who would pick you up for it.

    I have known Bro's who like to follow the meeting with another translation, just to compare and get a fresh thought...will that be the next thing to be frowned upon?

    We used to say in the Ministry, "We are free to use any translation"....Not so now...

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