JW's Thoughts on Medical Cannabis

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  • RayPublisher



    Anyone remember Fred Hall ?..

    An Active JW with cancer..He Smoked..He was always messed up when he came here..


  • bushido8000

    So could you be disfellowshipped for using medical marijuana? I'm guessing not because it seems pretty obvious that it's a conscience matter. I've talked to other brothers in the congregation in real life who were against it and they could only give me a couple of scriptures that seemed very iffy. They sounded like you could LOOSELY tie them to medical marijuana if you tried really hard.

    On another note, I'm finding it strange how people are saying that marijuana is OK as long as it's processed (basically turned into a toxin with the way our pharmaceutical industry works) and in pill form. Why is this? Where in the Bible does it address our medicines coming in pill form? Why can't it be eaten in a cookie or vaporized? And what exactly is wrong with smoking it? I've been told that it's because smoking is supposed to be some kind of spiritual act but haven't been given any scriptures to back this claim.

    Also, I don't really consider medical marijuana to be a mind-altering drug. I've never done anything after taking it that I normally wouldn't do (unlike alcohol). I don't feel any inhibitions lowered. I'm definitely not saying that there aren't any effects but I would describe them more like taking a mixture of Epinephrine and Benadryl at the same time (for those of you who have had severe allergic reactions).

    I'm really enjoying this forum btw and thanks to everyone who has responded.

  • dogon

    who cares what the F they think? What does it matter what L Ron Hubbard was thinking when he wrote that Xenu dropped all those alians in the volcanos? If you want to smoke it go for it and if you live in a state that has it legal for medical use, you luck Bastards. Its proven to be non adictive, can even help in cancer prevention and is a cheap pain killer for minor pain like menstral or back pain. I could give a rats what the freddie brown shoes think. A few old farts who have never seen a pussy. Although it would not shock me if they were bending over a few young boys at bethel camp. LOL

  • shopaholic

    It depends on where you are and how it is taken. So many things vary in the organization by region and country.

    Take coca leaves, for example, in some countries it is consumed as a tea. While visiting american JWs would throw a fit, it is regularly consumed by local JWs and even served at some branches and missionary homes.

    Regarding state law vs federal law, I would dismiss any JWs thoughts on it. They tend to use any angle to support their stance.

  • oompa

    ray publisher....i know of a couple of techniques.....BECAUSE I READ A LOT.... so i am glad to help! first...if you dont have an atomizer a water bong or pipe is the way to go and always keep your glass clean and use only glass....clean out the black with alchohol and salt. only buy dank or premium weed and you will use less and have consistent results.

    since it is expensive always put your thumb over the bowl as soon as you finish your deep deep hit and i mean while it is still red and burning...it really does not burn if you slide your thumb a bit...then keep inhaling through the carb hole or bong and you will waste nearly zero smoke/weed and get all of the smoke out of your device.

    most interesting may be the best way to exhale. most people just blow a nice smooth total exhale but that is not necessary nor effecient. the long the smoke or vapor is in your lungs the more effect you will get from it....so only exhale a tiny bit when you can no longer hold your breath and then inhale immediately as much as you can....repeat until you see no more smoke....some people can see smoke up to 15 times when exhaling in this manner........................

    like i said i read a lot.............oompa

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    There should DEFINITELY be no problem taking medical marijuana if it is prescribed by a doctor and not smoked. In fact, there's many ingestible forms of the drug (cookies, brownies, butters, lollipops) that may even work BETTER than smoking in some cases.

    But in the end IT'S NOBODY'S BUSINESS ANYWAY!!!!

  • Babyruth

    The elders in my sons congregation had already decided amongst themselves that if a drug offence ever came up again in the cong. there would be no mercy. My son who had been suffering with back pain for years with no relief from conventional medicine was given a legal prescription for medicial marijuana. It was amazing how effective this drug was in getting him out of pain. Well...his wife, a Regular Pioneer felt it was her duty to inform the elders of this. The first meeting with him, he was informed that there would by no mercy for him and he would be removed from the congregation in a effort to keep the congregation clean. His plea for mercy based on this being a legal prescription fell on stubborn deaf ears. So when the announcement was made to cong of his being Df'd much shock and murmuring when on as this was a fine Bro who was spiritually active in the cong and supporting his wifes pioneering. The next meeting there was a special needs talk given about not questioning the Elders. When the CO came around recently he came to my son to encourage him to take steps to return, he told him that the elders now have changed their view on medical marijuana. It's been over 5 yrs now and not once have the elders approached him.EVER they won't speak to him even when he goes to KHall to support his wife and children when they have parts on the program. By now he has no desire to be apart of the cong again. Not just 'sour grapes' but he sees no love from the Bros, still condemnation. Why go back to that again?

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    BABYRUTH - your experience is disturbing, but not surprising. Wishing your son the best with his condition and whatever helps him get through life.

    Sometimes I wish there was a hell these heartless bastards could rot in...

  • bushido8000

    Babyruth I'm extremely sorry to hear that. I believe they should have publically apologized to him during a meeting since being df'd seems to be a very embarrassing event.

    The right thing: wrongfully publically embarrassing someone = publically apologizing for your wrong doing. Simple as that. I know I wouldn't go back if something similar happened to me. I hope the wrong-doing of those men didn't turn your son away from Jehovah altogether.

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