More bad press for Jehovah's Witnesses!... Mother murders two children.

by koolaid-man 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Mary

    What a horrifying situation. Why do so many people who are mentally unbalanced have children in the first place? I can't even imagine the horror those poor kids must have felt as they were dying. Christ almighty.......

    Last time I looked, the WT doesn't teach you to kill your kids.

    Not unless it's for the greater glory. How many JW parents have stood by and let their children die rather than accept a blood transfusion? To me, if that's not 'murder', then it's at the very least 'assisted suicide'.

    As we've discussed several times on this board, this religion seems to attract a high number of people with mental and emotional problems and the outcome can be tragic as in this case here. Since they claim that they are "the happiest people on earth" who have the answers to all of life's problems, then stories like this demonstrate very publically that their fa├žade is not quite as intact as they would like to have the public think.

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