More bad press for Jehovah's Witnesses!... Mother murders two children.

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  • NewChapter

    I get the problem with molestation. JW and many other religions have handled it extremely poorly. But since they set themselves up as the only true religion, with god's spirit, they have a lot more to answer for. Somehow though, I think if someone were killing and eating babies, that would probably raise some eyebrows. Seriously. This woman's life is ruined. Her children are dead. If she hadn't gravitated toward JW's, she would have found another religion and found validation for her actions. She is profoundly mentally ill. It's common in these horrible cases for the sick person to be obsessed with religion. This shouldn't be sensationalized as an ever growing problem with JW's. I know some JW's and I love them. They aren't murdering babies. But the story is a tragedy and affects me deeply. Whatever her religion, she desperately needed help. Unfortunately people don't always see or recognize the warning signs. This woman will suffer the rest of her life, and her children are gone. NC

  • Snoozy

    NC only certain types of religion attract her kind of people (mentally unstable)...fanatic the JW's.

    I also don't agree fully with your statement. I think the JW religion's teachings can cause mental problems in any person!

    As far as her being a JW..she was probably one that sat in the back quietly and no one noticed...denying her would be the natural response. Also, Didn't they say she had the literature? how did she get it? I can't get it. She must have had some contact with them.


  • Reality79

    I think it's disgusting the way the thread starter is gloating over what is an extremely sad tragedy. People like him make ex-JWs look bad. I'm not happy about this incident in the least, whether it gives JWs a bad name or not. Two children are dead and an obviously mentally unstable woman's life is over. It's nothing to be getting all happy about. Seriously, grow up.

  • AGuest

    Terrible tragedy (may you all have peace!), interesting finger pointing by the OP (people of all religions... and no religion... commit infanticide), and interesting comments. This one caught my eye:

    a good religion would not obstruct justice and hide the problem.

    I am truly at a loss as to where those "good" religions are on THIS planet, dear WTWiz (peace to you!)... because to my knowledge virtually every one of them has or does "obstruct[ed] justice" at some point, either currently or in their history. Some have even murdered their own... and then did all they could to hide the act/cover up the conspiracy behind it.

    People... are people, dear ones. As most here recognize, heinous acts aren't limited by... or to... a certain religion. It may just SEEM that this particular one pushes people to the edge more than others, but most likely because it's the primary, if not only, religion WE "see". Because it the one we were associated with, the one that "hurt" us the most/caused us the most harm... and so the one whose scandals we pay the closest attention to.

    Dear Rick (peace to you!), I would like to offer the following to you (and others for which it might apply), as I get the impression that you get some kind of morbid GLEE when horrible things like this happen and the term "Jehovah's Witnesses" is somehow related to it:

    "Do not be glad when your enemies meet disaster, and don't rejoice when they stumble. GOD will know if you are gloating, and he may not like it but perhaps even take pity on them." Proverbs 24:17, 18

    Just sayin'...

    Again, peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


    Dear Rick (peace to you!), I would like to offer the following to you (and others for which it might apply),
    as I get the impression that you get some kind of morbid GLEE when horrible things like this happen
    and the term "Jehovah's Witnesses" is somehow related to it:.....Shelby

    Hey Shelby..

    Ya,I get the same feeling too..

    "Sick Rick" Fearon..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • NewChapter

    Snoozy--it's not the religion, but the person. An unstable person that is attracted to religion can always take things out of context. JW's don't teach infanticide. I believe if they had not been there, this person would have been attracted to another extreme religion. I know the WT is responsible for quite a bit---depression, anxiety etc---but this woman experienced a psychotic break. She was very ill in any context. My point was simply that it is a misrepresentation to lay the blame on JW's specifically and present it as though this is a widespread practice. Which is what it seemed to do.

    Also these tradegies have happened when no specific religious affiliation can be identified. The person simply isolates and makes their own religion. I knew someone like that---they got weird ideas about god and the bible, but didn't attend any churches. He never killed anyone, but often lost touch with reality. So the ingredients are already there, if they can find a religion that fits, they will. If they can't, they will still live in their delusion.

    I agree association with JW didn't help things at all---but I think this is a case of extreme illness. When we act like apostates as defined by the WT, we give credence to their nonsense. That's all.

    Take Care,


  • erbie

    What a shame. Poor souls.

  • AGuest

    Your comments are right on, dear NC (peace to you!). I don't think folks are thinking: someone (innocent) has been/has to be HARMED. We shouldn't want that for ANYONE... even if it brings the WTBTS down. I would much rather that organization meets its demise because of being exposed for what it is (a cult) and its leaders what they are (imposters and false prophets) and are not (anointed)... than because of the crimes SOME of them have committed against children, etc.

    Some things are just not be gloated over, no matter who did them: they are tragedies and sometimes ALL that matters are the persons who were harmed.

    Again, peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, who waves at dear OUTLAW (peace to you, dear one!)...

  • clarity

    The Millerites.

    Oddly enough, the "religion" that pastor Russell was so amazed by and joined and copied, ....... also was suspect in causing insanity in the mid 1800's!

    {The Midnite Cry - pg7 contents, - pg355}

  • MrFreeze

    Last time I looked, the WT doesn't teach you to kill your kids. That's gonna be God's job at Armageddon. Now if she said she killed her kids to get them into Paradise, then you can link this to JW's

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