KH = Private Property (No Trespassing sign)... wtf?

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  • Scully

    Speaking of metal gates....

    One of the local KHs has such gates to place across the entrances to the parking lot. The strange thing is, that the gates are open when the KH is not being used, and closed when there are lots of vehicles in the parking lot. Keeping the Sheep™ in the pen, maybe?

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    I got my "NO RELIGIOUS BODIES" sign last week, with a huge red hand......

    2 sisters called on me yesterday, saw the sign, and knocked anyway.

    Clearly, it doesnt apply to them!

    However, I turned up my Yngwie Malmsteen CD, blasted out "Rising Force", and they were down the steps within 10 seconds.

    Yngwie Malmsteen. Every home should have one!

    Paula x

  • blondie

    It has to say "No Trespassing" or the equvalent legally in your area. The letters sent by the WTS/GB/FDS specifically mentioned that only. Also, just putting up a hand made sign saying "no trespassing" is not enough, not in my area. There are other legal requirements. If they ignore that, you can call the police and they can be charged/ticketed.

    In my area, jws were told if they ignored these signs, they were responsible for the fine and the cost of a lawyer.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Tons of inner-city KH's in this area have heavy fences and gates that are locked at all times except when meetings are taking place.

    A sign in the photo shown might just be necessary in an open grass and parking lot area to cover their asses legally. If kids skateboard in the lot or play ball in the grass, no big deal until they get hurt. The sign says that they should not have been there and shouldn't hold the KH responsible.

    I was at one Hall that locked the property but the small parking lot in the alley was wide open all the time. Neighbors constantly parked there late at night (after meetings were over) as finding street parking was tough at night. Some of the elders acted like that was terrible, but most of us recognized that the neighbors hated us JW's and if we ignored their parking on private property when nobody was using the KH anyway, it might help us. They always left early in the morning anyway. But to cover ourselves, we had a sign that said "Private property, violaters will be towed" in the lot. We never had to get a car towed, the neighbors ignored the sign late at night, but that way they knew they could never just leave their car there.

  • sizemik

    Any move the JW's make to cause people to feel unwelcome . . . can only be good.

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