KH = Private Property (No Trespassing sign)... wtf?

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  • Mary

    Maybe Danny Hazzard is in the area...........

  • sir82

    Yeah, it's probably to protect against vandalism, or lawsuits that might arise from those crazy kids riding their skateboards across the parking lot when no cars are there.

  • Lore
    These guys put up a 'no tresspassing' sign, and expect people to obey it - but when they go door-knocking and see the very same sign in someone's yard... they can ignore it?

    I know that's how it used to be. But lately, at least in my hall, if you see a no trespassing sign you absolutely do NOT ignore it.

    Although we live in some backwater mountain country where every 10 year-old gets a rifle for christmas, so that might have something to do with our different policies.

  • life is to short
    life is to short


    We pioneered in a backwater mountain country territory 20 years ago and we still had to go to everyone home no matter what kind of sign they had up. It was rule in our hall. I have had guns drawn on me, I have had guns fired over my head, my life threatened, etc.

    I hated every minute of it because you never knew what nut case you were going to get but the law of the hall was you went because it meant their life no matter if they had sings or not.

    Then the society came out and said they would not help you if you were arrested for violating a no trespassing sing. Yet still my husband said we still needed to reach everyone and we still went to all the homes. Sometimes we would even drive on deer trials because well you never know there might be a home at the end and crazy as it sounds there were sometimes.

    Yet if someone came on to the parking lot of the KH I remember many getting upset, what right did they have to be missing around Jehovah's house of worship.

    Crazy now thinking back on it, when you are living it you are just so busy slowing going crazy that you cannot see it.


  • Cinciguy74

    It is normal where I am from to have Private Property signs, even at churches and Kingdom Halls. It serves a couple of purposes:

    1) You can have someone removed if you don't want them there.

    2) It provides some legal protection, in the event that someone is there without your knowledge or permission, and gets hurt (think skateboarding kids).

    3) Allows enforcement of various regulations, such as a non-smoking campus.

    4) Allows for the restriction of picture taking, audio and video recording without prior authorization.

  • cantleave

    We have a methodist church near us with a no trespassing sign in their car park. I don't think it is unique to JW's, probably a just reflection of where it is located.

  • james_woods
    One of the congregations I attended would put up such a sign to keep people from using it for picnics, or viewing the fireworks on the fourth.

    Fireworks and picnics are both derived from pagan worship.

  • headisspinning

    This is interesting because my husband drove by our old Kingdom Hall complex just yesterday and noticed a big metal gate installed across the entrance to the parking lot. It's brand new - just installed in the past week or so. We were wondering about that too. It's in more of a residential area so it's not like parking is at a premium so it's unlikely it's an issue of people using the lot... It's the type of gate that has wheels along the bottom so it can be moved for the meetings and then put back in place when the hall is not in use.

    I wonder what's up?

  • blondie

    I think, james, they were more concerned about any legal liability should they hurt themselves or damage property by setting off their own fireworks as well. Fireworks on the 4th in the US is patriotic and bad per WTS, fireworks on nonpatriotic days, okay.

    Most congregations have posted times for meetings for the public. Being on the property other times could be construed as trespassing.

  • james_woods
    I think, james, they were more concerned about any legal liability

    I was just kidding, but you never know with some JW elders -

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