A Course in Miracles

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  • Violia

    Thank you Robdar! I feel the exact same way. Why can't those of us who like to discuss the metaphysical and new agey things we left to chat among ourselves? I too can think logically but sometimes I like to play with what I call , wish- craft. I also think there are things that are unseen that effect our lives -whether I can prove it or not! We are not hurting anyone- it's not like we are going door to door waking folks up on sat/Sunday am.

    BTW, Edgar Cayce is very interesting and I have been to the akashic records. This happened when I was in my 20's and I knew nothing about the metaphysical or any related subjects. It looked like a huge records building with books as far as the eye could see.

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
    Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

      • Hamlet, scene v
  • Robdar

    Thank you, Violia.

    ACIM, helped me to consider possibilities that the WTS never offered. In a way, it helped free me from their bondage. It also helped me overcome some of the fears the society instilled in me from a very young age. It made me stronger. Besides, the book and the miracles are about love. What is wrong with love?

    I would really like to chat with you sometimes.

  • Violia

    Me too robdar, pm me when you feel like it .

  • Robdar

    Pm arriving in approximately 30 seconds, Violia.

  • Violia

    pm back,, robdar

  • rebel8

    The OP specifically asked for comments--I don't think he asked for no dissenting comments.

    What is upsetting about different points of view? Genuine, sincere question there.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I love metaphysical stuff.

    It helps me to open my mind to things I haven't thought about before.

  • Retrovirus

    I'll have a go, Rebel8,

    Terry's post, as I understood it, ridiculed the alleged source of the book, without addressing the content. It also asserted that claiming the source was Jesus, was intended to use Jesus as an authority.

    I've read some but not all of ACIM, and, like others here, enjoy exploring the different ideas it presents. No reason why I need an "authority" to do that, or a basis in fact either.

    IMO, these concepts, and your perception of "cultish", don't apply here. No-one will shun me or regard me as a living corpse if I accept some, all or none of it. Or whether or not I change my mind later.

    And just for context, I get a lot from Terry's well thought out posts. Also I work as an analyst, and my work deliverables are entirely based on facts and probabilities.

    ACIM etc., occupies a different part of my alleged brain .

  • Violia

    I have an illness that causes oppressive fatigue/weakness , eye strain , so I have to read a few paragraphs at a time and use books on tape when possible. I would like to find ACIM on tape. I would then possibly be able to read it.

    Since I no longer fear what I read can bring on demon attacks/ scar me for life/ remove my freewill -I just order and read whatever looks interesting. I am not under anyone's control and no longer fear religion b/c I know if I do not feel comfortable with what I am reading/hearing I can just click off or stop reading, leave the building. Religion will no longer holds me captive.

    I mainly just believe in karma , which is similar to you reap what you so. I still pray to God or Heavenly Father and occ still call Him Jehovah.


    Many people mock Shirley MacLaine but I enjoy her books. I really like the book she wrote regarding her pilgrimage to the Camino .


    I think some of my interest in the metaphysical etc came from Barbara Streisand's move ' On a clear day you can see forever" I began to read about reincarnation. Movies like " What dreams may come" with Robin Williams also sparked interest in reincarnation.


    The tarot cards depict "the fools journey" -from birth to death when our energy returns to the universe. Tarot is referred to as " the royal road to wisdom".


    Jungian psychology refers to( among other things) the collective unconsciousness, whereas Cayce uses the term akashic records.


    Robdar just gave me the name Eckinar and I found the URL and plan on reading the free download. They have a center near me so I may check this out.


    I try to stay positive and not buy cards or books that delve into the dark entities and things that promote /hate violence/evil etc. I do not want to bring that influence into my home. I am not always positive/loving but I try very hard to not be too bitter,something I have to daily remind myself of. It is a struggle.

    I try and use meditation and do the the kabbalah Cross often . I find it brings me a very peaceful feeling. Here is a link about this, there are many web sites that explain how to do it and what it means.


    In short, I now listen and then decide if I am interested - instead of fearing the boogieman.

  • alias

    You can hear the lessons online througn the ACIM Web site:


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