Was today's WT study an indictment of us who still attend the KH?

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  • hamsterbait

    FARKEL -

    WE are not all keeping below the radar out of cowardice.

    Some of us have family and young children, relatives who are sick or very old.

    We are not the only ones affected by a "COURAGEOUS STAND". It is not a matter of "Manning up" ( dare I ask as opposed to what exactly - "womaning down"?????)

    We are not the only ones to suffer distress when the crunch finally comes. I say that those of us who grit our teeth out of love of family occupy the moral high ground and are actually stronger than those who skitter away and leave everybody else to cope with the fallout.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    I wish I were able to respond to each of you personally, but this thread has gotten ahead of me and my ability to absorb and properly reply thereto. Thank you so much for giving a part of yourselves to this running commentary on Life in a Police State.

    I do hope to "talk" to some of you via PM.


    CoCo le Survivant

  • undercover

    I have a new PC and can't cut/past, link, quote... WTF?


    Mickey... I'd love to see the Awake aritcle from a year or so ago that talks about how one's beliefs should not affect family relations posted next to the article in this WT.

    WT speaks with forked tongue...

  • flipper

    CoCo- Although I haven't attended a meeting in almost 8 years , I've posted threads on this July 15th article - and I do agree with you that yes indeed , the WT study yesterday was not only an indictment towards JW's who attend meetings yet hold alternative views that differ from the WT society - it's also an indictment towards ANY JW , active OR inactive who hold opposing views towards the WT society. the WT society insists on alleged " loyalty " from it's JW members and if it feels it isn't receiving that " loyalty " it will use fear and guilt tactics to infiltrate JW's minds to scare them into submission.

    I understand what you are trying to accomplish by attending, however please be careful and watch your backside. You are an angelic man roaming around hungry wolves who would eat you up in second if they knew your real views. So becautious my friend. Hang in there

  • flipper

    I might add that this WT of July 15th reminds me exactly of the book 1984. So many similarities to the WT society with the " party " and control of " big brother ". It's eerie

  • Mickey mouse
  • undercover

    (the emoticons work at least)

    Thanks, Mickey...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    This entire magazine is about ONE THING ONLY.

    Controlling the thoughts (any non-WT information is false), the emotions (any non-WT information is from Satan - FEAR IT), and behaviors (AVOID any non-WT information) of the members so that they do not have access to TRUE INFORMATION about the cult.

    The Borg doesn't care about your or I or anything we have to say. They only care about keeping true information from the indoctrinated cult members and they use BITE mind control to do it.

  • Perry

    They are really putting the screws to people now. I see this as a sign of serious weakness for them. They have to be panicking when they do the math.

  • watson

    I would have preferred that he leave swinging an axe like I did, but alas! CoCo has more class than I do!


    That was a classy thing to say.


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