Was today's WT study an indictment of us who still attend the KH?

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Hi again!

    Given the interest shown in today's WT study, I got to thinking that the Society knows many of us still attend meetings. The wording of today's lesson doesn't allude only to outsider's breaking in with their filthy apostate literature and TV interviews but also to satanic insider's working the faithful sheep in the pen.

    We've discussed on other threads how JWN and like sites appear to be monitored. Of course, the Society's literature never clues the reader in on what exactly apostates teach nor how we infiltrators do our clandestine work of sabotaging the sheep's faith.

    Any thoughts?



  • oppostate

    Hi CoCo,
    I opted to stay home and call in. But I was fuming whenever
    I heard a watchtarded comment from some of
    the friends I truly like and some I admire as good hearted
    people--the mind control is so obvious once you've "awakened".

    One little girl 4 years old commented "I love dragons and dinosaurs"
    and that just about had me in tears laughing.

    It was definitely not what the parents nor the conductor were expecting.
    I could hear a few giggles before the conductor after an awkward pause
    went on to say, "well, thank you for sharing that" then kept on going
    with the mind numbing Q&A.

    About your question...

    My favorite way to plant a thought is to raise questions matter of factly during

    Why do you think it says "print of the nails" when Thomas
    is talking about Jesus' hand wounds. How would his hands
    look having been nailed, if there were more than one nail?
    Not one hand on top of another, right?

    It's just a conversation starter whenever there's a picture of Jesus with one
    hand over the other and nailed with a single nail on an upright stake.

    I've also asked where does the Bible mention paradise is found.
    And then go to the account where Paul talks about his vision of third heaven.
    Another point I like to ask is how can we say that 144000 is a litteral number
    if the 12 tribes aren't the literal 12 tribes of Israel and the members aren't
    natural jews, but symbolic. Shouldn't the whole verse be symbolic including the number?
    One more point I've made with some friends is about where the Great Crowd is
    singing praises in Revelation. It's in heaven according to the verse.

    Of course if you look up these scriptures in the WTLib you'll notice a very drawn
    out and "evidently" made up explanation to make it agree with WT teachings.

    But I think it just may leave a question in someone's mind about what the Bible
    is actually saying, not what the WT explains it to mean.

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    All I can say is - keep up the great work Coco!

    If you are trapped on the inside for whatever reason, you really have to make the most of your time there to connect with as many innocent people as you can. Even one mind that is freed is worth the effort!

    So much pain and suffering caused by the WT...it is almost immeasurable.... the sooner one can escape the better.

    LIFE IS A WONDERFUL JOURNEY on the outside of this cult!

    I truly hope that the exodus will continue to gain speed.

    Peace to all,

    The Oracle

  • AnneB

    WT was taking a shot in the dark, then leaving up to the individual "conscience" to "either accuse or excuse". Don't let 'em play with your mind.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings and thanks, Oppostate, The Oracle and AnneB:

    Oppostate: We Harry Potter and Jurrasic Park fans would likewise answer! Huzzah for the babe out of whose mouth that true expression came. Your seed planting technique is excellent, a sort of reverse witnessing ... yes?

    The Oracle: One mind freed ... when we chat after the indoctrination session, the true-believers appear so normal and authentic. Not a surprise but nonetheless a reminder of how I once was. As to my present, however, we double agents are chameleons ...

    AnneB: Your point is well taken; that simply didn't occur to me. Thanks you.

    With gratitude,


  • Farkel

    : Any thoughts?

    Yeah. How can you with all your intelligence and talents live the life of a coward and hypocrite and hold your head up without shame? When will you man up?

    I'm asking as an admirer of you and as a cyber friend, not as someone who is trying to beat you up. Sooner or later you have to face and deal with the bullys who stole your life and soul. Until then, you are just feeding them.


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, Farkel, for your thoughts. I have an axe to grind and I've gone underground.

    With appreciation for your straightforward analysis,


  • RayPublisher

    CoCo I like your comment and yeah there's still a lot of us that are forced to "PLAY THE GAME" for awhile longer. It sounds like Farkel knows you fairly well but it also feels like he's being a little harsh too. It's easy to just say leave, get the hell out, you are a hypocrite if you don't, etc. Very easy to SAY, especially if you are already kicked out or have no family in.

    Anyway, I so wanted to record the meeting today, so I could do a mash up on Youtube but at least managed to get family away for the weekend on a trip so we missed the dog pile on the apostates today. Darn it!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Great hearing from you, Ray! Sorry you missed the refreshing waters of truth today. Glad you got away.

    Farkel's points, fraught with meaning, are well taken.

    I posted on another thread, "Not Raising My Hand at Tomorrow's WT Study," why I do as I do. Our circumstances, our reasons vary, but the bottom line is that I can endure anything for my family and friends. Nancy Sage wrote a compelling story about going underground to rescue her daughter. Disfellowshiped, she got reinstated, reintegrated into her congregation and wound up leaving the WT with her daughter. My family followed me in and I want to help them see what's happened ...

    But I'm subtle.

    All the best,


  • Farkel


    : t's easy to just say leave, get the hell out, you are a hypocrite if you don't, etc. Very easy to SAY, especially if you are already kicked out or have no family in.

    For the record, when I left, I was never DFd nor did I DA. I just left. My wife was still a dub. So was my mother, father, sister, my best friend and all the friends I ever had in my life. I was basically born in and knew no other way. So don't think it was VERY EASY for me, because those are the facts of my life. I was a pioneer for years a MS, and traveled the Circuit giving hour talks on Sunday. I was a rising star in the religion.

    I lost everything and everyone I knew and cared about to leave, so what I did took courage that some people just don't have.

    So before you spout your bullshit, you'd better know the subject matter, because obviously you don't know me and what it cost me to leave.


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