Post disfellowshipped: My first experience within "Babylon the Great"

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  • TimothyT

    Hi everyone,

    In need of my continuing search for spirituality and my desire to find a church where i can be welcomed and have good enjoyable spiritual conversation with its members, Jack and I decided today that we would visit the Baptist church near his home. It was Punkofnice who suggested it. Many thanks to him. X

    Well... I LOVED it!

    We were kindly welcomed in by the minister and other members. It was very relaxed. When the sermon began, I was very happy to know that they were going through a series on how to follow Jesus in our lives. He read from the bible many times and as far as my bible knowedge goes, what he was quoting and reading was all in context and made complete sense. He also used good illustrations to drive the point home that having Jesus in our lives is definately worth it.

    It was fabulous to listen to "Worldly" peoples testaments of faith. Before we entered, i said to Jack that i was a little aprehensive. Who wouldnt be after 15 years of indoctrination that these people are completely wrong in Jehovahs eyes. Its CRAZY to actualy go and to see that these people appear more Christian to me than the majority of JW's. They were kind, spiritual, active in the local community, but best of all, they simply accepted and welcomed us unconditionaly. The church was very comfortable and well decorated. They didnt ask anything of us and were very encouraging. In comparison to the JWs, Jack noted that these people were interested in US, whereas the JWs were interested in us having a bible study. I must say i was deeply impressed and i cant wait for next Sunday.

    All in all, it was nice to spend some time with people who are real CHRISTIANS! I have no idea where the JWs get their biased and unfiar judgements of these people from. What i experienced today was beautiful and in no way resembled false religion, quite the opposite in fact - We read the truth from the bible and i saw it working through the people there.

    Timmy xxx

  • sizemik

    Nice experience Timmy . . . very pleasing to hear.

    Isn't it refreshing to belong to humankind again?

  • paulnotsaul

    Timmy, I often wondered if others experienced the same irony. It seems many who exit JW world into the 'world of false religion' have had similar outcomes. I applaude your positive breakthru. I pray your continued success in worshipping in freedom and truth. Congrats, you deserve it! peaceT&J paulnotsaul

  • WTWizard

    I say that, if you find another church and like it, stay there. And the Baptist Church is more likely to accept you, regardless of whether or not you fit into their mold. Field circus is not a part of those churches--sure they do have missionaries, but not everyone is going to reach that level. You just keep going to the level you are comfortable with, and stay at that level until and unless you wish to do more.

    More importantly, if you later change your mind or see something wrong with the new church, and realize it is no longer for you, you can back out and try another church (or several different ones), and your family will be intact. Try that with Jehovah's Witlesses.

  • onemore


    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I had a similar experience when a visited a reformed Baptist church and later a Presbyterian church. One thing I noticed in both churches was that people looked more genuine and the message was bible centered, Jesus centered, people centered…a refreshing departure from an gospel centered on the Organization and Works.

    There are a couple of other churches that I plan to visit, an Episcopalian/Anglican, a Greek Orthodox, a Messianic Jew and a Methodist church.

    The good thing about this experience is that you don’t have to choose a church right away and become a member ASAP, you can simply be a regular visitor and think it through before making a commitment.

  • LongHairGal

    TIMOTHY: I am glad you had a good experience in so-called Babylon the Great and I do agree that they are MORE christian than most JWs can hope to be. They are simply hateful. They are nothing more than another screwed-up variation of Christendom - minus the christianity factor!

  • Honesty

    Hello Timmy,

    Welcome to the real world that the WTBTS doesn't want you to experience.

    As other posters have said, if you decide not to continue going to that particular church and bump into people who go there they will probably just ask you how are you doing and do you need anything.

    One thing is for certain, they will not shun you.

    As far as your lifestyle, most churchgoers believe that is between you and God and is none of their business.

  • Ding

    Many of these church folks would be glad to be friends with JWs and to help them out in times of need, but the WTS simply won't allow it.

    The GB forces JWs to project a holier-than-thou, condescending attitude and to holler "persecution" whenever anyone disagrees with them about anything.

  • Jackals

    Hi all,

    Just to add to what Tim said, I went to the Kingdom Hall and the Baptist Church, both of which being my first and only time visiting these places (Although the baptist church will be seeing much more of us I imagine)

    Both groups were friendly, welcoming, with one exception. When talking with the baptists it felt like they wanted to get to know us, on a friendly level. The conversations were two-way, back and forth affairs. Where the JWs differed was that I felt very much like it was an inquisition, with questions being fired at me one after the other, I didn't actually learn anything about the people I met there. If I hadn't been aware of what they would be like through Tim, it would've been quite un-nerving and would've scared me off for sure!

    Lots of love,

    Jack x

  • cantleave

    Well done Timmy. I have been to our village church (for my son who is in the scouts movement) and I found much more spiritual and uplifting than any JW meeting I ever attended.

    I am not religious in any way, but I want our family to be part of our village community, and feel the church has a place. In fact I might attend the xmas eve carol service since I believe it is quite an experience.

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