Post disfellowshipped: My first experience within "Babylon the Great"

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  • garyneal

    Well done, Timmy.

    I settled in a community church myself after I decided that I no longer wanted anything to do with the witnesses. They were very friendly and open and one of them even went as far as hold a baby shower at her own house for my wife (who is a witness). I, of course, was never a witness but I studied with them long enough to where I was affected. It has taken me two years and counting to purge the Watchtower poison from my system. I recall being so judgemental and trying to find the 'correct' interpretation of the Bible, even calling out that church for what I saw as 'error.'

  • cofty

    Hi Timothy. I did exactly the same when I left, I went to the local Baptist church and stayed for 9 years. It was part of my journey which has led me to atheism but I don't entirely regret it.

    My advice is don't join anything, make nothing official. Keep your options wide open and enjoy the journey.

  • WildeLover

    hey tim,

    glad you're gaining some comfort from this! this is so positive to hear

    enjoy whatever you do and whatever happens!


  • punkofnice

    Tim & Jack - I'm happy it was the same experience I had at a UK Baptist Church. Awesome! Good for you.

  • InquiryMan

    I also attend a non judgmental church, albeit Lutheran... It is nice to be welcomed as a complete human being.

  • Quendi

    Congratulations, Tim and Jack, on your visit to the Baptist church. I hope both of you find the loving and welcoming community you're seeking. As for me, I attended my second service at Denver's Metropolitan Community Church of the Rockies on Sunday. The service was again delightful, but the message the pastor gave was wonderful. He talked about the events of ten years ago but rather than talk about patriotism he talked about the need for love and forgiveness. All of us appreciated what he had to say as it spoke directly to the somber and solemn mood much of the country was in on Sunday.

    I'm meeting other people and while I haven't started any friendships--this was only my second time there after all--I am feeling more comfortable. The church has a custom of having different members host welcoming dinners for new ones. This happens once a month. I won't be able to attend September's love feast, but I plan to go next month. Can you imagine anything like that taking place in a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses? And can you imagine any congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses the majority of whom are gay as they are at MCCR? We all know the answers to those questions.

    I am already appreciating the freedom of speech and thought that I am enjoying at this church. This is a Christian church, so the emphasis is on the life, work, and ministry of Jesus Christ, but nobody is compelled to believe a rigid set of doctrines and teachings. The Bible is referenced and read and members are free to share their understanding of Scripture with one another, the idea being to use the Bible to guide, comfort, and help one another. But nobody is going to be expelled for holding a point of view different from that of a fellow believer. I'm looking forward to worship next Sunday and on the following Sunday, 25 September, the church will celebrate its ninth anniversary with a picnic. That's something else you rarely see nowadays in a congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses: a large social gathering of people where fun and frolic as well as good food is shared.

    I never thought I would be a church-goer after abandoning the WTS, but in my case I have come to realize that I need to be part of a faith-community. That is because I need to be in a place not just to receive good things from others, but to contribute them as well. I wasn't allowed to contribute what abilities I had whilst one of Jehovah's Witnesses because I was judged to be too much of a free-thinker and was said to be "uncooperative". But I have already been told at MCCR that any way I want to contribute to the good of the community will be welcomed with no strings attached. What a difference! And how opposite from the unloving, guilt-ridden and coercive ways I experienced in the WTS.


  • Perry

    We had lunch with our pastor after visiting a few times. I finally let him have it and asked him what were the rules; because we really wanted to join but were afraid to. It seems so ridiculous now what I asked him looking back.

    Lots of good churches out there and lots of bad ones too. Looks like you found one that teaches out of the bible and not from books.

    Your experience was encouraging... thanks.

  • Bella15

    Your first experience with Babylon the Great!!!  That's funny! 

    The first church I went to was Lakewood Church, they are non-denominational, I used to attend both Spanish and English LOVED IT  - then a few other small churches my friends or coworkers invited me to.  I also went to Second Baptist - LOVED IT, then I started to ask God to guide me to a good bible based church near home where my kids could also meet other teenagers (they wanted this as Lakewood and Second Baptist were far away from us), so now we are settled at The River United Methodist Church and we cannot be happier.

    Methodist are big on serving others ... at least my church is ... amazing!  I have to really really think during bible classes or different seminars that I need to take to become a volunteer or servant member ... they don't give me the answers (like in the WT books) I have to read, study the bible citations and answer accordingly, we use no other books, only the bible.  Also, all these 3 churches have requested criminal background checks on me in order to volunteer and during the volunteer information sessions they are very explicit at telling you that if you are a child molester or have any kind of problems like this YOU NEED NOT TO APPLY, also that proper authorities will be contacted, either CPS or Police depending on the nature of the abuse discovered (either by parents or volunteers).  

    The picture the WTC painted of the Christian Churches is not accurate at all and the churches that I have visited resemble more the ones of the new testament than the JWs. 

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