911 forgotten amongst JWs

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  • LongHairGal

    FADE AWAY: I think it is somewhat forgotten by many, especially if nobody they knew died. Now that it is the tenth anniversary and is all over the news it is a reminder. The bad economy is on everybody's mind, unfortunately.

  • GLTirebiter

    My flag will be at half-mast today. Please do not forget!

  • Free!!

    I agree with many posters here that say there are people dying every day in other countries due to civil war and other forms of terrorism, there lives are just as valuable as the ones lost on September 11, 2001. The difference for me is that in those countries know whats going on and try to be careful and aware because they know they can expect an act of terrorism any day, on 9/11 the attack took the whole world by surprise, i believe that's what shocked us the most. The most powerful country in the world (at that moment) was attacked in their own soil out of the blue, and almost 3000 lives were lost.

    Regardless of where we are in the world or the date in the calendar I believe is important to think about those who have lost their lives because of the ignorance and evil doings of others, let's never forget them, no matter where they were from or how they left this world.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Thats because, on the whole, the Watchtower corp has turned jehovah's witnesses into cold hearted bastards.

    Sure some are 'nice' but even they can't wait for us all to be bird food.

    They have no empathy for humanity

    only contempt.


  • watersprout
    the Watchtower corp has turned jehovah's witnesses into cold hearted bastards.

    Makes you wonder if any of them have remembered what happened ten years ago today! It's doubtful but I live in hope that there is a flicker of compassion in them.


  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    i think y'all got a little skewed perspective...

    1. there are many people who won't do anything in rememberance of 9/11/2011. including myself, why should i care, i don't know anyone who died there, i'm no american, i also don't care too much about all those people starving in somalia right now, i don't know any of them. i feel sorry when i hear about it, donate occasionally, but that's about it.

    2. JWs aren't all coldhearted people who care about nothing. many probably are, but many are not. not any more than everyone else for that matter, when it comes to events like these.

    3. who thinks about the aftermath of 9/11? all the killed civilians in irak and afghanistan, the bombardments of weddings, the slaughter of unarmed journalists, the guantanamo concentration camps?

    go hang your flags half mast and feel partriotic. sorry for everyone who lost someone close there. but everyone else is just a hypocrite.

  • d

    This is true but I think we have to put everything in perspective.

  • Violia

    I recall talking with a sis at the Kh about what a terrible tragedy 9-11 and she said" oh well, they were probably going to die at Armageddon anyway". I was appalled and told her so. Years later her sister ( non jws) died. She called to tell me ( I only get death calls now) and due to her sis not being a jws she was at a loss for words. Finally she said something like .." she was like a sister to me.." I said "she was your sister" , and she finally broke down and cried yes, she was her sister and she had died. She could not even morn the loss of her natural sister due to her not being a jws.

    lack of natural affection and normal human feelings are what I see among jws. It is truly sad.

    9-11 was a horrible day. It is a day I never intend to forget.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Last year we were in NYC on September 11th but I was with my JW girlfriend and her husband. I so wanted to go to ground zero just to be there for the memorial but she would have none of it. Being I was her guest I felt like I could not go against her wishes, now a yearl latter I regreat it so much. She has been a pioneer for over 30 years and it is all about time and doing what the "slave" tells her to do and I stupidly went along. Living on the west cost to be in NYC this time of year is not easy.

    She was like a sister to me but I am finding that it is me that is having a hard time staying friends with her. The JW's are just so cold and uncarrying to people it is just hard to be around.


  • exwhyzee

    It's nearly impossible for me not to be moved to tears when visiting ground zero or when viewing the video of those people jumping from the towers. To be fair, I know JW's as individuals feel this way as well but each one, ever concious of reacting in a WT appropriate way, is looking to the other for a cue as to what an acceptable response should be. As is typical, they must keep their true feelings hidden until specific instructions come down from H.Q.

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