911 forgotten amongst JWs

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  • Dudu

    yes :)

  • lohengren

    We all cope in our own ways. Just because someone doesn't plaster their every thought on facebook doesn't mean they have none.

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    I had a talk that Tuesday night.... Bible Reading....... Sept 11 2001...

    And I am pretty Damn sure that was my Last TALK I ever gave.....

    I walked less than a Year later.....

  • flipper

    FADE_AWAY- Very good points you bring up. Steve Hassan mentions in his mind control books that Jehovah's Witnesses and ALL cult members have a mental disorder called " dissociative disorder " in which they can totally turn off their empathetic, authentic human personality and show NO normal emotional compassion when they see it conflicts with their WT cult ideas and guidelines. They turn into automan or autowomen robots who may as well be built with steel and metal parts - because there is no real feeling inside them.

    The authentic personality is still buried deep inside - however it is masked or hidden by the conditional, rigid WT cult personality . Until something shakes loose inside their minds - the authentic personality will continue to stay buried hidden by the dangerous cult personality. Hopefully some kind of congregational injustices by elders or superiors will shake it loose . But it takes time and some people are led more by cults than others . Some people have more of a " sheeple " or following disposition, some are more independent and they are most likely to escape the WT society's grasp. It's very sad the WT society steals away Witnesses authentic human personalities

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  • blondie

    Except for the media, my co-workers and neighbors have been pretty silent about the whole thing except to say that there is too much news about it. So I'm not surprised if jws are not talking about it much. I can remember that the first 5 years at work, there would be a moment of silence at work for that date. Of course, this year it's on a Sunday, but nothing on Friday and nothing planned for Monday. No mention in the department newsletter on Thursday either.

    I tend to be a little cynical; more children die each day from hunger, 16,000 or how many children have died in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the wars there. It had been a long time since US citizens had died on US soil, under war conditions, probably December 7, 1941, last compares to 2001. People in the US were shocked, stunned.

    I'm sorry for the lives that were lost in 2001, but also I consider all the senseless loss of life that does not get the same media attention.


  • NewChapter

    Nicely said Blondie. Even as we mourn the deaths of our own in this country, we turn our backs on our own. First responders can't even get help with their high rate of cancer and premature death brought on by that deadly dust---congress isn't convinced that the dust caused the cancers yet. And those that do have documented, clear illnesses due to the dust, only NOW are getting special compensation, and only after they pass a background check to make sure they aren't terrorists. This is shameful. If we accidentally treat a first responder for cancer not caused by the debris, so what? Is it really that important?

    Then we have 45 thousand people a year that die because they lacked medical care and were diagnosed too late with treatable disease.

    That's what I see when I look into the face of politicians that pretend to care.

    But this is still a national tragedy that affected all of us, so it's appropriate to acknowledge it.


  • d

    this im my opinion is played out. People die everyday in countries that experience civil war.I am not underplaying 9/11 but this is just too much.

  • designs

    9/11 It didn't lead to Armageddon so there is little emotional connection.

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