Former JW. money counter at district conventions tells all.

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  • koolaid-man

    How much money flows into the Watchtower coffers at their annual fund raiser The District Convention?

    Former witness lurene Stanley working along with her high ranking JW. husband had the opportunity to see what goes on in the back room at Disrtict Conventions. Questions you always wanted answered will be answered.

    #1... How much money is collected?

    # 2... Do they accurately report all they collect to to the attendees?

    #3... Does The Watchtower use a secretive formular to motivate the Witnesses to contribute more?

    #4... Are those serving in administration allowed alcohol to relax during the sessions?

    Lurene will be one of guests on The Six Screens of the Watchtower conference call Sat. Sept 10,2011 at 7 pm est.

    Also on the call will be a man named Milla who contacted Six Screens this week to see if we could help. He is now devorced from his JW. wife and she is causing undue pain in his life.

    He is going to court next week accusing her of lying in court and causing family members to shun him.

    It is easy to get on the call dial 712-432-8710 and when asked for pin use 9925. Our lines open at 6:30 est. so come on early and talk with all those who have been "touched by the tentacles of The Watchtower...... No Fluff, just Shock!

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    No Fluff, just Shock!

    So you're a shock jock now?

    And you wonder why you have no credibility?


  • sizemik

    No Fluff, just Shock!

    LOL Rick . . . so the shows gone "Brazilian" now.

    I like it better when you keep your hair on.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Who's Byron Brown?

  • NewChapter

    Really---you are going to shock us? Why do these bombs always fizzle to firecrackers by the time they hit?


    High Ranking JW?..LOL!!..Like Johnny the Bethelite?..

    Did you get any Real Proof on who Johnny says he is yet?..

    Your doing one more Six Screens show on a Topic thats already been done on JWN..

    So there`s No Shock..

    Listening to Rick Fearon`s..

    "Six Screens Show"..

    Makes you Feel like You Were..

    Hit in the Head with a Toilet Seat..

    .............................. ...OUTLAW

  • Mary
    #1... How much money is collected?

    If they're now accepting Visa and Mastercard, I would guess that the donations will increase quite a bit.

    # 2... Do they accurately report all they collect to to the attendees?

    Probably not. I would tend to believe that they announce a lesser amount in order to guilt the R&F into giving more, more, more!

    #3... Does The Watchtower use a secretive formular to motivate the Witnesses to contribute more?

    It's not very secretive as long as your bullshit detector is working. Don't they guarantee that X amount of dollars will be sent to Crooklyn, no matter how much is collected in donations? It's not a percentage---it's an amount, which is really quite pathetic. If they collect $20,000 at an ASSembly, they don't send Crooklyn 20%. They 'make a pledge' that they'll send $5,000 to Mother, come hell or high water. If they've actually got $20,000 and expenses are say only $5,000, then it's not a huge deal. But what happens when you only get $6,000 in donations? The bastards still send Crooklyn the $5,000 before any of the expenses are paid, leaving the circuit in the hole if the expenses total more than the $1,000 you have left. This will guilt everyone into 'digging down deep for those greenbacks' because 'God loves a cheerful giver'.

  • sir82

    Oooh-h-h-....really getting the high level leaks now, eh?

    "Yeah, I counted money this one time at a convention in I know what all the secrets are...fear me, Watchtower!"

    "High ranking JW husband" Rick-World, that means "ministerial servant with a key to the tool shed".

  • wannabefree

    ... tune in next week to find out, same bat time, same bat channel!

  • clarity

    "He that giveth answer before he heareth, It is folly and shame unto him."-ASV


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