Does your conscience ever hurt you for........

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  • donny

    I too am grateful that during my 10 year sojourn through the Watchtower, I did not succeed in bringing anyone into the least I am not aware of any.

  • NewChapter

    There are some nuts in our faith mind you, but, there are some genuine friends in here as well.

    QB, ya know I like ya. And I know you are the eternal optimist. I am determined to help you see the error of your ways, and maybe that will lead to a study! But I will settle for the occasional reality check. So I'd like to ask you: Where are my genuine friends today?

    I had 2 studies that moved to baptism. One of them was like a daughter to me. Yes, I am devastated. I was one of those that was effective in the ministry, and often had interested people come to the KH with me. I wasn't even a pioneer, and rarely put in more than the national average and usually had quite a bit less. So I was dangerous. I also planted lots and lots of seeds. I don't even know how to handle the regret.


  • Awen

    I never had a Bible study. I would offer them and people would accept but I would always pass them along to the Pioneers. The non-Pioneers were actually encouraged to do this from the platform then later on sneered at by the Pioneers for not having Bible studies. O.o

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I didn't have any exclusive studies that became JWs. I had a few studies that I would fill in on as conductor that became Jdubs. I had several studies that were turned over to me and several I turned over that became also became Jdbubs. This was pre 75 so the Tower was experiencing a lot of growth.

    No, I don't feel guilty but looking back I do wish that I had been offering something better. I think the reason I don't feel any guilt is that I have no bad feelings to those who sucked men in. They were good people and were doing what they thought was right. They didn't know they were scamming me like I didn't know I was scamming those that I studied with.

  • Dagney

    Yeah, it did.

    I have one that is out, mostly. That was quite a convo when I told her I no longer attended. I think the other two are still in, no contact since I've been out.

    The emotion I still carry and struggle with is the feeling of stupidy. I try not to think of the passionate discussions I used to have trying to convince people I loved to buy into POS religion. What a joke I was.

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    I had a friend in high school that I brought to a meeting once (reluctantly since by then I no longer felt it was "the truth.") A sister that I used to study with essentially tried to poach her, and because of that, my friend never went back to the KH. I heave a sigh of relief that that happened!

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