Tuesday, September 11, 2001 - The Day My JW Faith Began to Die (finally)

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  • steve2

    AllTimeJeff - you're always worth reading. You're a passionate, perceptive writer who cuts to humanity of an issue. You're not afraid of making yourself vulnerable and, although comparisons can be odious, you are light years ahead of that goon, koolaid man.

    Little wonder you didn't "last" as a JW elder, let alone a JW - you're heart and humanity got in the way.

    I live on the other side of the world - New Zealand - and can I say that the impact of 9/11 on me was disturbing but necessary: 9/11 dashed my belief that "everything happens for a reason" and that there is a "god"of love. It ruined me for faith and turned me into someone who felt an immediate urge to live in the present moment rather than forever perched on the edge of something (paradaisical) that never ever comes. I learnt for the first time that the men who flew the planes into the World Trade Centre fervently and unalterably believed that their martyrdom would fast forward them into a paradise with scores of virgins. Idiots - but no greater or lesser idiots than the ones who innocently raised me to believe that Jehovah would soon turn the whole world into a holocaust that would make the World Trade Centre spectacle look like a "mere' home town burnin'. Religious people may have more to sing about in praise of a greater being, but they're also prone to have more to kill for or want to have killed. Given me disrespectful athiesm anyday.

    It's a tragedy that the world came to a 9/11 - yet given that it's happened it would be a tragedy if we each did not take something from it. For me, 9/11 belatedly burnt away my religious delusions and forced me to see the fruitage of belief in the monster in the sky .

  • slimboyfat

    I know an elder who left in the 1990s and came back into the Witnesses because of September 11th. As far as I know he is still a Witness but not an elder.

  • AllTimeJeff


    On the 10th anniversary, my thoughts are with the victims and families. As a nation, I hope that we can begin to take the bandage off the scar, and move away from the trauma that has been readily apparant for the last 10 years.


  • steve2
    I know an elder who left in the 1990s and came back into the Witnesses because of September 11th. As far as I know he is still a Witness but not an elder.

    There's always something "different" about those who leave then return, an almost palpable shame-based dis-comfort with themselves. Most of them never "get back" to where they were in the organization before they left (e.g., return to pioneering, become re-appointed as elders). They very much come across to me as "trapped", literally too frightened to see that there are other viable, rewqrding options for life other than crawling back to the very thing they left. A little like being trapped in a bad marriage because one's beliefs forbid ending the toxic relationship (staying and suffering).

  • RetroNewt

    First post...been lurking very on again off again for about 8 years. My mom was on again off again JW that would take my brother and I to the meetings when she felt the need. I had just started at a community college a couple weeks prior to 9/11, and it scared the life out of me. I was stuck there and I didn't know anyone, no license or car. My mom would pick me up on her lunch break everyday and take me back to her work (she works at a library). The TV's were all set out showing everything, but I couldn't even handle watching it. It made me shake like crazy to even think of what was going on...there was a downstairs area where employees took lunch/snack breaks and they all let me stay down there and read because they could tell I was so visibly upset. All I could think, like so many of you, was this was how Armageddon would look...and I couldn't even fathom it happening on an even more widespread scale.

    My mom wasn't really "in" at the time, but all I could think was that the local Witnesses would be out at our house very soon to try to get her back in. And, what do you know, a van pulled up that Saturday afternoon. Ugghh, such a crazy week on top of it, we had a tropical storm blow through that weekend as well.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Great read, Jeff. I can only wish 9/11 had affected me. Maybe it did and I didn't notice. I don't know.

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