What's behind the JW "stare"

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  • InterestedOne

    In my interactions with JW males guarding the KH entrance or with the various males my study conductor would bring to our study (one I later found out was considered a "heavy," meaning he was supposedly really good at answering tough questions), I notice they stare intensely at me and I start fumbling my words. In one case, I went to a different KH where no one knew me and got the same stare at the door. Is this stare deliberate, and if so, what is behind it? Do any of you know what I'm talking about? I realize it's important to make eye contact with the person with whom you're speaking, but the way they stare at me feels different than when I have normal conversations.


    They want to Eat your Brain..



  • sir82

    Perhaps you had spinach in your teeth....

  • LostGeneration

    Interesting observation. Can't say that I have ever noticed it before, but as a born-in there were a lot of things that happened under my nose that I didn't really think twice about.

    Nothing official from WT literature suggests they do what you are describing. My guess is that its kind of a bullying tactic that is learned subconsiously, kind of saying "No hard questions, were the teachers and you are the student"

    Any sort of real difficulty for a JW usually results in them cutting and running, justifying it to themselves that you are not "teachable"

  • thetrueone

    Its an authoritative and judgmental stare, given to people who are questionable to their stature (spirituality) in the congrgaztion..

    But once your are baptized and they see you out in service with them the stares subside.

    You become BROTHER or SISTER.

    The JWS really are quite the judgmental lot, on so many levels.

    The love bombing at first may be forced and scripted as they've been trained, its just a surface introduction.

  • botchtowersociety

    I remember the "Mormon stare" last time I was in Salt Lake City and visited their temple grounds. It was creepy.

  • InterestedOne

    I haven't eaten spinach in a long time, so that couldn't be it. In fact, there's nothing odd about my appearance to stare at. I'm a normal-looking American male. I do get the feeling that it's some kind of bullying tactic, like staring me down, but I was just wondering what others here have to say about it, maybe those who have manned the doors to the KH. On one hand, I remember hearing in the meetings that JW's are supposed to try to make newcomers feel welcome, but I was wondering what else is going on in the attendants' minds that makes them stare at people like that. Yes botchtowersociety, it is creepy, and throws me off balance. Come to think of it, it's kind of the way the literature throws me off balance too, like the dizzy feeling after being on a merry-go-round. I can't help but wonder if it's all deliberate.

  • punkofnice

    When I was an elder I used to give a nice smile to people but the CoBE was a complete asswipe...he had the stare.

    Sometimes I think it's the meds.

    Sometimes the superiour sneering look down the nose.

    Nathan Knorr had a funny stare........

  • ssn587

    actually it might just be that they are zombiefied and cant really get into being nice and acting or looking like they are?

  • cantleave

    What's behind the stare?

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