What's behind the JW "stare"

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  • discreetslave

    I use to comment on a stare in regards to Mormons, maybe because I was a JW I never noticed it.

  • jay88

    It is there version of the "Evil Eye" and it is quite common, especially if your demeanor does not exude openness/malleble.

  • AuntBee

    Isn't that weird? One of the usher guys at the District Convention here in Tucson was doing that to me because i was chatting with the lone protestor!! I thought it was kind of ironic, because they go around inviting householders to come to the Convention. So i'm a non-JW that went. This is supposed to get me interested in it? IT really creeped me out. LOL. I just smiled and waved at the guy and greeted him with a cheery hello. -- Sometimes people talk about leaving flyers on cars at the KH's , but around here, there is usually one of those glaring guys "keeping on the watch" in the parking lot.

  • dogon

    they have guards? I think a kick to the cock would end that stare, then walk out and never return. Fuck em.

  • erbie

    Well, I was at a convention in Wales a few years ago as an attendant and some of the brothers there described themselves as 'watchers'. They had a small gold star stuck on their lapel. You know, like the little gold stars you get at pre-school when you do a nice drawing of a tree that looks like a lolly.

    Watchers of the Tower.

  • shopaholic

    I know the stare. Its the one you get if you go to the convention without a badge. Its the one you get when visiting a KH you don't know and you don't give a comment. The stare is stronger if you are somewhat attractive.

    It is a stare of judgement. It is a stare of caution. It is a stare of wondering of how "worldly" you are...enough to add excitement and a little flavor to the congregation or enough to mislead others.

    It's seems that while they are active, they have an internal detector and can identify if you are not one of them and are waiting for an action of confirmation. Kind of like the movie The Body Snatchers...give it a watch, its the same stare.


  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    The only "stare" I have ever observed amongst the JWs is the famous (or infamous?) "Thousand Yard Stare":

    -i.e. the one typically displayed by those who have had to handle more stimuli than they can reasonably cope with in a given period of time.


  • Honesty

    What's behind the JW "stare"

    A mentally diseased mind.

  • Nickolas

    Not confined to JWs. It's a nonverbal communication technique, used deliberately by some and unconsciously by others. When neutral it conveys assertiveness, confidence and focus, and it can be combined with other facial expressions to convey a range of other nonverbal proxies for emotion, like anger, aggression, curiosity, even love. What is the message you're getting from the JWs who do this? Figure that out and you will figure out why they do it (but I expect it is because they want to convey a message of absolute and unbending confidence in what they believe.)

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