As A JW Were You Generally Feeling Guilty Over One Thing Or Another?

by minimus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dudu

    Yes, about not being good enough in their eyes or my mom's .... guilty about not being a pioneer and going to college, guilty if i missed few meetings for valid reasons, guilty if i had to miss a meeting to spend time with my non jw family, guilty coz i like ALL type of music, guilty coz I love Ricky Martin and tons of other gay ppl and even when i was active i didnt see them as sick, guilty coz only worldly boys looked at me and liked me ............ guilty , guilty , guilty me ..........

  • JustThatGirl007

    Huge guilt. Ugh. Still working that out. I am no longer taking anti-depressants, however! :) And my migraines have lessened GREATLY.

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