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  • Cyruse
  • Cyruse

    It is sad that this will be my first post here and will most likely characterize me if i ever became a regular poster. or maybe its not if you accept me at my word. its not about me. dont worry!

    But it is important to establish a bit about me in regards to child abuse. It is important in that it will help you believe my honesty in relation to the person i am writing about. I loved a girl for 15 years. meet her when we were kids. thought she was my soulmate. over the years i found out she thought she might of been molested as a small child. its all circumstance and maybes but the person that MAY HAVE done this to her is a known molester of his own grandkids, and has been dfed twice for it. once for the originial revelations then recently again for further information that came out. I have always harbored great malice towards this man cause he screwed up the girl i loved for so long. and she was really messed up.

    the other one is slightly more personal. my daughter when she was 3 made some comments to me and also some actions that lead me and my wife to believe that someone else in the extended family was doing very weird and innapriopiate things with her. I brought it to the attention of the elder body and it pretty much lead to the unraveling of that entire family. very sad for them. I have great malice towards the accused, as they make the claim they didnt and there mother does too. My daughter couldnt of made this stuff up, i believe her. I dont allow him to even hug her even after 3 years. last time it happened lead to a very heated arguement at a graduation.

    I tell you these two stories so you know my stand. i despise molesters. i may actually have a unhealthy dislike for them since i wish them great harm.

    Now, the heart of the matter. I found a brothers name on her from some years back who got his name dragged through the local media as a child molester. Make no mistake, he deserved to be embarassed. what he did was wrong and disgusting and plain stupid. if i had been visiting these boards i would not have defended him from the comments some of you made about him.

    There is no "his side of the story" though. I do not defend his actions. I will defend him as a human being now, so many years apart from it. First thing you all need to know. You have all the important facts about the case. Its right there for you to see. theres nothing to add about that. But in relation to the comittee that dfed him, his family situation, the victims family situation.....its so complex. so much has happened to all of them. I do not wanna talk about it cause its frankly not my right to put any of there names in this post. I can definetly explain more one on one with any of you who care enough to know. Regardless, what needs to be set straight is this man, who did this wicked stupid thing. Hes a good man. He has a good heart. I have known him all my life. He loves Jehovah. He has to have a letter follow him around his entire life. From my vantage point the letter does no good. I wish you, the read, could understand this. He plainly is not your typical sex offender, infact he never was. You may say im stupid, but i say this in light of my first two paragraphs. I would trust him with my children.

  • JRK

    Sex offenders by nature are prone to repeat. Never trust him.


  • dm6

    i was going to say what JRK said.

    They all re offend, time and time again. when they are in their sick little world they cant control, make no mistake they will do it all over again.

    DO NOT trust him, you fool.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Cyruse, are you the guy that was named?

    Otherwise, why are you defending a child molester?

  • DaCheech

    I ditto it, JRK

    My only gray area sex offender is the 17-21 year old who has sex with a 16 year old............ or the guy caught peeing out of necessity and has to have the paperwork for the rest of his life.

    children are diffrent than adults, a trauma will give them nighmares for the rest of their life.................. that child will never have a healthy sex life

  • cantleave

    He plainly is not your typical sex offender, infact he never was.

    What is a typical sex offender?

  • yourmomma

    This is where you lost me "Regardless, what needs to be set straight is this man, who did this wicked stupid thing. Hes a good man. He has a good heart."

    Now, maybe if you were to tell me he knows he is sick and is doing all he can to get professional help in order to avoid re-offending, then maybe I can see your situation. But if he is not doing anything in that regard he will likely re-offend.

    If you know that you are sick, which child molesters are, but are not doing what you can to make sure you do not harm another child, then i cant buy the "good heart" thing.

    you also come across as "the poor guy has to have this follow him the rest of his life". Yes, thats right, and thats just.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    The ONLY time an adult could get what might be considered a bogus "child molester" tag is if you're talking about an 18 year old kid and his 17 year old girlfriend doing it consentually but he gets busted for it (I know a guy that happened to).

    Any time an ACTUAL child is molested by an adult, there is no defending the perpetrator.

    Has anyone ever read "How Green Was My Valley" by Richard Llewellyn? (GREAT BOOK, BTW) Set in rural Wales coal country one of the chapters discusses a case where a young girl is found dead - presumably raped and murdered. The locals do not call the English police. They find the perp, capture him and give him to the girl's father and brothers. That was the end of that child rapist. IIRC, they couldn't even find a trace of him.

    In my opinion he got no less than he deserved.

    Do any of you know any JWs who long for the new system so that Jehovah will fix their insides (that were ruined by a child rapist) so that they will be able to have babies of their own? I do. One of the dearest people in my life is such a person and I have almost NO HOPE of ever bringing her out of the Borg to freedom because of it. Talk about twisted. Rather than run screaming from the Borg who did nothing to protect her or to punish the man who raped her as a child, she puts EVEN MORE FAITH IN ITS LIES.

    I have no pity on child molesters. There is no excuse. Boo hoo because he carries around a criminal record? He's lucky to still be breathing.


    Hes a good man. He has a good heart.

    A Child Molester is a Good Man?..

    I`d say there`s someting wrong with both of you..

    This is a Creepy Thread..


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