Will the door to door presentation ever change?

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    I haven't been out in door to door service in years. This was my presentation.

    ''Hello! My name is Rules and this is brother John. We are in your area today talking to your neighbors and asking this important question. Will the conditions in this world ever change or will God bring a change? We have this magazine named the Watchtower that asks this very question! If you would like,I will give you a copy to read and return in a week to see if you read the magazine and discuss it and see what is the answer to this very important question?''

    Have the presentations changed over the years or is this it?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Doors rarely opned in our territory. When the door eventually did open I spouted some generic presentation that bored even myself. This archaic way of telling others about your religion is not about spreading the truth, it's about keeping people busy

  • blondie

    Here are some "suggested" ones for the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. Note that never is "Jehovah" used, only "God" and the only reason Jesus is mentioned is that it is December. Notice that the point to the article or the magazine, for the answer, Although a scripture is suggested to be read. Many jws have used the same intro for years, one that is adaptable to any WT publication. I know jws that are afraid that someone will "show interest" and they will be obligated to call back or study with them. I found that those people quickly turned it over to someone else or just never went back. After all, they were given a witness, their living or dying was on them now. (Why just Proverbs 23:20a...the first part of the scripture, would they get the wrong idea if they read the whole verse? Already they are being conditioned to the snippet syndrome in WT publications)

    *** km 12/09 p. 4 What to Say About the Magazines ***

    The Watchtower December 1

    “During this time of year, many set up a Nativity scene to depict this Bible account. [Read Matthew 2:1, 11.] Did you notice the differences between what the Bible says occurred and what is usually depicted? [Allow for response.] This article discusses what really happened.” Feature the article on page 31.

    Awake! December

    “I would like to get your opinion on something Jesus said. [Read Matthew 5:3.] Since there are so many different religions, do you think it matters how we choose to fulfill our spiritual need? [Allow for response.] This article shows what the Bible says on how to find true spiritual satisfaction.” Feature the article that begins on page 12.

    The Watchtower January 1

    “There are conflicting religious opinions regarding the use of alcoholic beverages. How do you think God feels about a person’s drinking alcohol? [Allow for response.] Although the Bible reports that Jesus once miraculously turned water to wine, it also says this. [Read Proverbs 23:20a.] This magazine shows the Bible’s balanced viewpoint.”

    Awake! January

    “In these difficult times, many people feel overworked and stressed out. Have you felt that way? [Allow for response.] Notice this reasonable advice. [Read Ecclesiastes 4:6.] This magazine discusses how we can balance work, family, and relaxation. It also gives suggestions for those looking for a job.”

  • OnTheWayOut

    It slightly changes.

    Way back, it was

    "We are offering the Watchtower and Awake! for fifty cents to cover the cost of printing."

    But your standard presentation is/has been pretty much the standard.

  • DagothUr

    Presentations are less direct and more shrewd. For example, you don't mention your intention to see if the householder has read the magazine. Because probably he will not read it. At the return visit, just mention your previous visit, without asking him/her if he read the magazine. The return visit can go very wrong if you embarras the householder.

  • crazycate

    Wha Happened: I agree. It is busy work. Shortly before I left I had someone say to me if FS, "Field service isn't so much for the householders, but for us." I agreed, but not for the reason she thought.

  • AwSnap

    I don't know the answer to your question, but it made me laugh...and then I thought about what I used to say:

    First off, MUST compliment SOMETHING about the person's home: "Hi! What beautiful flowers you have! It must be soooo much work keeping those up! (And then bring up something to do with whatever I just complimented). "Wouldn't it be nice to have flowers that lasted because the weather is beautiful all year round? No earthquakes or fires or thunderstorms that kill plants and people? Well, speaking of the end of the world, let me share this good news. In this Awake magazine (and then flip to the inside cover to show the topics that I literally was looking at for the first time because I hadn't actually READ the mags), it talks about how we will one day enjoy beautiful flowers just like yours forever and ever. Wouldn't that be nice?"

    LOL....it makes me sick that I actually said stuff like that!!!!

  • exwhyzee

    What's really bad is when the householder says your presentation before you do.

    I had that happen.

    EXYZ: " Good morning, my companion and I are...." Householder: "Here to talk to you and your neighbors about worsening world conditions..Please turn to Revelation 21: 3,4 blah blah blah " ... Slam !

    That happened about 30 years ago....can't imagine what it's like out there now if they are still talking about the worsening world conditions. According to what we were telling everyone, the world was supposed to be gone or else unlivable by now

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    People don't care, the conversations don't happen. I've been using the same one for years - Hi, name is x and I'm here with y, I have this magazine for you about (read title). Are you interested in reading it? If they are, I say, "I might stop by another time to see what you thought about it, goodbye". The last year or so I haven't gone back to anyone.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    XYZ, That's so funny!

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