Will the door to door presentation ever change?

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  • WTWizard

    It is pretty much the same. You briefly describe the rag you are placing, using the words in the Kingdumb Misery that fit the rag you are attempting to place. And yes, it is basically the same.

    However, the results are much worse for those trying to recruit people. They run into householders that know more about the Bible than they themselves, and most of those who they leave rags with usually cross-reference them and place the rags in the shredder. Yet, they keep wasting all their time doing it.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    It is not as stiled in my day. As a child, I was speaking forever, lecturing to an adult. It did not work. It seems more fluid than now. Ulnless you are a pollster, though, this is not normal conversation. Cult warning must go up! It is better but still extremely stilted. It revolves around following a script.

    I canvassed for a very bad org during the last presidential campaign in an affluent neighborhood. The scruffy kids in one of the best neighborhoods of a major city, surrounded by Obama signs, lectured to middle-age professionals, demanding, not asking money. The kids cursed at them, stating that at this point the kids should be educating the affluent householder politcally rather than fund rasing. The Obama campaign had a wonderful Web site to easily donate money. The kids put clipboards for credit card info in the householder's hands and left it here. They were much worse than Witnesses. I studied the householders' faces. Not one complied. Clipboards were returned or thrown on the sidewalk. Votes for Obama were lost.

    I was treated as the enemy for knowing what the Democratic National Committee was and the interfaces with local interest groups and the local party. Sen. Daschle, the former majority leader, slated to be health czar, was speaking at an event so I discussed it with him.

    People converse with friends. When I want to converse about church, I seek out clergy or read wikipedia. Avon has an online site. I only buy girl scout cookies door to door. It is stuck in a time warp.

    Ehrman,, whose rep. leaves me wary, said in a lecture that Christians never went tent to tent, door to door. Rather, it spread by word of mouth. Paul set up business to drawn many clients. He would converse with them about the good news when they transsacted business. When the math is done for the known growth of Christianity, it fits with this model. He states no one converted by the hundreds or thousands. Steady word of mouth produced great results over time.

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