Did Life Originate By Chance or Intelligent Design? Or is There a Third Option?

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  • JimmyPage

    When discussing the argument of how life originated the WT always boils it down to being Chance vs. Intelligent Design.

    No scientist in their right mind believes it happened by chance. Nor do most scientists believe that life is a product of God.

    There is a solution that the WT completely ignores and that is... Natural Selection.

    How many here who believe in a creator have honestly examined what natural selection really is?

    (I've been reading "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and was very surprised when I came to the chapter that actually mentions the Watchtower Society's arguments for intelligent design. It's probably been mentioned on this board before but for some reason I never caught it.

    I'm really enjoying the book and I want to thank Leaving WT for turning me onto Dawkins. The man does not suffer fools lightly.)

  • IsaacJ22

    I have the God Delusion on audio, which is actually read by Dawkins and his wife. I was pretty surprised when I heard him talking about the Creation Book. I already knew the book was pretty awful, but just hearing Dawkins address it specifically was a big "wow" moment since I hadn't expected it. Apparently lots of people have sent him copies to try and prove creationism, so he wanted to deal with it directly.

    That's probrably my favorite book arguing for atheism so far.

  • JimmyPage

    I'm looking at your avatar Isaac. Are you in fact Prince?

  • designs

    The Society's Books on Creation should be required reading for anyone wanting an excuse to leave...

  • EntirelyPossible

    Natural selection (changes in species over time) doesn't have anything to do with abiogenesis (where the first life came from). Before the first life there was nothing to select.

  • IsaacJ22

    Actually, it's Keanu Reeves with a Frenchy mustache and Mr Fantastic hair.

    I used to write fake bios on my web site. This was a picture of Keanu that I doctored up to look mildly stupid and pretended it was me. I ended up using it for my site full time. :-) Later, I wrote bios of me as the Terminator, KITT from Knight Rider, and other absurd things. They all had one thing in common: the mustache. Even the car had one.

    Thank you, good night.

  • Heaven

    Just came across this neat website Ape, Not Monkey - The Science vs Religion Web Site. (http://www.apenotmonkey.com/). This strip is appropriate here :

    God's Beautiful Design

  • John_Mann

    The origin of life and the evolution of life are two different things. The evolution theory starts at the first organism capable to copy itself and make some kind of metabolism.

    The origin of life copes with chemical evolution. How the inorganic elements turns into organic ones.

    While different the two theories follow the darwinian algorithm: heredity, mutation and natural selection.

    The chance are the driven force of the mutations and it's not the only factor in the process.

    To say the chance is responsible for origin of life or evolution of life it's the same to say a house is built through water.

    Of course to build a house you have to add a lot of water in the process, but it's not the water itself that builds the house.

    BTW, the final result (the house) contains practically no water used through the construction. It's a factor that is dischargeable.

    So, when someone says the chance did something the only answer to that it's to smile before such ignorance.

  • John_Mann

    In time, you does not "believe" in science. You believe (or not) in religious dogmas.

    In science you must understand something, and after that you must accept or not. There's no believe in science.

  • cantleave

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