Did Life Originate By Chance or Intelligent Design? Or is There a Third Option?

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  • cofty

    How would an elephant sense that the poachers are after the ivory,

    Of course you are right that they don't. Its a common myth that animals adapt to their environment.

    The elephants with genes for making large tusks tend to get removed from the gene pool prematurely by poachers. Elephants with genes for shorter tusks then have more chance to breed and pass on those genes to future generations.

    All living things are gene machines. We are the vehicles by which genes copy themselves and move on to future generations long after we are gone. Our genes are the closest thing we have to immortality.

  • sizemik

    There persists a complete misconception as to what a scientific hypothesis is in my experience. It is not and "educated guess" or a "suggestion" or an "idea" . . . Those things have there own labels because that is precisely what they are. To take the last part of the definition posted earlier . . .

    A working hypothesis is a provisionally accepted hypothesis proposed for further research.

    I've had some tertiary and commercial involvement with it, and this is how it was always accepted . . .

    To use an illustrative example . . .

    Scientists extracting deep-ice core samples for climate change analysis will be simply collecting and recording all and any data from examination of the sample. At a particular depth they find a thin layer of radioactive material. Historical data may, for arguments sake, indicate the presence of the same material in both comets and large volcanic eruptions. These two alternatives are the "educated guesses", the "suggestion" or "idea" They are not put forward as a working hypothesis. These ideas are seldom published as a scientific suggestion, unless it is stated as such, and both alternatives are presented. Normally it would appear as "Scientists suggest that . . . " So it's a suggestion . . . and purely for interest sake. It's not a hypothesis.

    In an effort to identify the true source, the team will now look for additional material that may be exclusive to either option but not both. When the presence of other material exclusive to comet material (these can be identified through imagery) is found, next to the absence of material common in the alternative . . . the scientists can reasonably draw the conclusion, from the evidence, that a comet impact is the source.

    This finding, with supporting data and evidence, may now be published in a comprehensive paper and constitutes a working hypothesis.

    It remains a hypothesis until it is subjected to an accepted falsification process by peer review. It is at the end of that rigorous process that it becomes a theory.

    Further experimentation based on this theory can now take place. Further samples from different sites around the globe will provide new information. Variations in concentrations for example, can give a clearer indication as to the approximate area of impact, even if only to the nearest half hemisphere. As more harmonius findings are added, based on the existing theory, the theory gradually achieves the status of accepted scientific fact. This is not some eureka moment but happens naturally over time. Evolution has all but achieved this status through the relatively recent addition of broad based DNA analysis. The addition of libraries full of supporting science over time, has produced no contradictory evidence, but rather continued to fill the gaps.

    Some book definitions may well over-simplify and say different, and others experiences may be different . . . but this is what I was taught, and was always the understanding under which scienctific hypotheses were viewed.

    They were never even close to an "idea" or "suggestion" or "educated guess" . . . those are what they say they are.

  • botchtowersociety
    Did Life Originate By Chance or Intelligent Design? Or is There a Third Option?

    There are more than three options.

  • PSacramento


    A creative force ( for lack of a better word) brought the universe into being, this force instilled in living beings the ability to adapt and survive in their environment and the demands imposed by that environment and all its features, this force sustains It's creation.

  • rocketman

    QCMBR: "Also when we die as a complete organism it is absolutely incorrect to say that the individual lieforms that once collaborated to make us die, the only thing gone is the human brain activity. The bacteria in our guts goes into overdrive and parasites compete with incoming invaders such as fly larvae to utilise the food sources of the body just as surely as when our brains were alive we utilised the resources of the food we ate. We are not alone, we are a nation of combined , independantly viable, lifeforms collaborating temporaily for mutual gain. A corpse is not useless."

    Well, at least now I feel a little better about my eventual death.

  • prologos

    what i understand from the pasteur experiments is that the chemicals present if sterilized will not spontaneously start up life functions again. All the cell life that was common to the whole human, including his neuron patterns-connections the mind in the brain are dead and dying. Different life forms, the bacteria consume the chemicals. That to me shows the uniqueness of life, even with all the building blocks still present it can not be restarted. There is something special huge about life, on par with the beginning of the universe, its laws, the start-up of the travel into time etc itself. help us to get a better spiritual understanding of it, past and beyond the WTBS inc limitations. blessings.

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