Watchtower teaching have all the bases covered?

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  • trailerfitter

    I am not sure if you are aware of the proposals by Pastor Micheal Stahl who wants to get a register of atheists started so they activities like boycotting their businesses can be engaged in. I mensioned this to my JW wife who already who I am trying to show that the WT policies are just a nutty as other American religious influences however she just retored that this is the sign of the end because there is a war going on. Really? I cannot get through to her and everything goes back to her newly found belief being the only true one. everyone else is wrong.

    This phenomena of silly religious staements and ideas in our modern times all origionate in the USA and filters through to us here in Europe unfortunately.

    What is it I need to show my beloved for her to realise that the JWs are no different? That we ( normal people) are not influenced by Satan. Please don't say join the JWs.......

  • Souder
  • trailerfitter

    souder, you writing in invisible ink??

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    What this world needs is a register of christians so we can actively boycott their businesses.

    If i go to a business and see that silly bloody fish symbol christians are so fond of, i shop elsewhere.


  • trailerfitter

    What would you do if you saw one on the back of a car and you were driving a bulldozer??

  • transhuman68

    It's good you have a sense of humour, trailerfitter. You could be in for a long haul, and not taking it too seriously might be beneficial. It is only a religion after all. They are not the anti-christ. (Whatever the hell that is!)

    Being a Witness gives people friends, a sense of belonging, and a purpose- it's a bit hard to fight against that with logic and reason. Still, you have to resources of the internet to help you find something that might make a difference to your wife. Maybe the 'generation' flip-flops would be good...?

  • cantleave

    What would you do if you saw one on the back of a car and you were driving a bulldozer??

  • cedars

    It sounds a bit cliched, but the best possible way I can think of for anyone to realise that Jehovah's Witnesses are just another flawed human organisation with ulterior motives (most notably, 'self-preservation') is to read the book Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. I was already wavering in my convictions before reading the book, but Ray's observations as a former Governing Body member left me with absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the Governing Body are nothing more than the Board of a major corporation making ridiculous decisions with their own interests and the continuity of the organization at heart.

    She will initially reject this book, as will all Witnesses, as 'apostate propaganda'. However, if you can successfully get her to read ATLEAST the first chapter, or even better, the FINAL chapter, and ask her whether it portrays a bitter apostate with an axe to grind against the organisation and whose aim is to draw disciples away from Christ, then that might do it. You could also argue that if it really is "the truth", then the organisation has nothing to hide. Furthermore, Ray (who has since passed away) was wise enough while writing the publication to back up every single claim he makes with written evidence - he obviously knew that the Society would deny everything and dismiss it as his word against theirs. Interestingly, the Society have never openly commented on either Ray (since he left) or his book, probably because they know full well that every single word of what he said was both true and verified by hard evidence.

    Let me know what you think to the above!

    (In short, no they don't have all their bases covered - all they can do is try to stop people from seeing how uncovered their bases are...)

  • Terry

    The act of labeling people as OTHER instead of allowing free persons to own their ideas is the first signal of TYRANNY.

    Making people afraid of the OTHER is a tool of the fascist.

    When you don't agree with the views or opinions of somebody do you respect them and their right to see things differently or do you

    ridicule them, label them and marginalize them? That is test #1 to apply to the radical.

    Look at politics. Rather than dealing with the specific ideas of opposing groups on their merits---dialogue is misdirected to a witch hunt of ridicule by attacking the intelligence, the family, the personal appearance instead. Blunt force trauma is not an argument. It is a mindless empty admission of the poverty of one's own position.

    If you truly believe in an Almighty God who demands worship and praise why wouldn't you think being ATHESIT (a(WITHOUT) theist(GOD) would be the worst punishment in itself?

    Why not simply feel pity and grieve for them?

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    The rhetoric has indeed all the bases covered. If it doesn't fit with WT material it's apostate and therefore dangerous and from Satan. You trying to show her is you having Satan and she might be coerced to leave you (just happened to me a few days ago).

    What you have to show her is that you and other people can be nice too. Show her you're NOT against her and start asking questions, questions about the differences in faith you had before and their version of it. Once she gets in seventh heaven that you appear interested start asking the questions that the Watchtower has no answer for.

    Be genuinely interested and then further down the road ask: so how do you know this is the right way to go, can you show me that Witnesses are chosen from the Bible. They'll mention they're neutral in war (but other religions are too, find out which ones) or they preach from door to door (but other religions are too, find out which ones) - there are still Bible Students around (the original Russelites) say you found them and ask why they are not the right religion as Witnesses split from them after 1914. Also ask later where in the Bible they can substantiate that God has chosen the 144,000 and why Jesus is only a mediator for them. Blood transfusion policy cannot be substantiated from the Bible either. has a great cache of information. as well. Read up on cults and see the parallels in how they work and guard yourself against it.

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