Watchtower teaching have all the bases covered?

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  • trailerfitter

    Good stuff! our teenage so went to give blood the other day as a rebellious act. I think perhaps a giving act misguided but he still went ahead which is with my approval. He looked into the church of Satan on the internet and said he wanted to buy their bible...this perhaps is not the right way to approach this but he is dead against her joining that DAMNED church and wants to show her what she is doing that is against the whole family. I have tried all sorts except being interested simply because I am honest, it makes me boil over at the thought of them actually wanting jehovah to execute his plan. What ever I say or show it has an answer prepared which is not her logic... This is why I put the post up because it is indeed a firewall.

    Although I am on here asking questions we avoid talking about any issues however after reading some of the article about the "mentally diseased apostates " Personally feel that something needs to be done....but it is futile isn't it?? I am just wholly shocked about the wording of the article in general. It is attacking everyone including mainstream religion. This just angers but again to get angry is a sign that someone is under the influence of Satan. Again the "Wicked Watchtower of the West" influence. It's Sunday and she'll be going to the congregation this afternoon. The food served for her is vital and can't live without it.

  • transhuman68

    It's not worth getting angry over the Watchtower articles. We probably analyse the Watchtower more closely than any Witnesses do. For them its just blah blah blah.. apostates... blah blah blah. As long as they go to all the meetings, and go witnessing then they are good with god. Thinking is optional.

  • cedars

    Well fortunately for you, you conveniently slip outside the Society's category of mentally diseased, because you are simply a non-believer or ignoramus. To be mentally diseased, you need to be an apostate - namely someone who has been part of the organisation and then left. Obviously, from the point of view of most witnesses, you are mentally-diseased just for having visited and contributed towards this forum, but thankfully there is nothing to legislate against your exact scenario in print. You're therefore in a great position to offer kindly and well-meaning support to your wife - but try to do so in a way that can't be described as "witness bashing". Remember, they may call us mentally-diseased and this or that, but as soon as we sink to their level, we fulfil their stereotype of us.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, have you considered buying her Crisis of Conscience? Even if she read just the FOREWORD, this would be enough to convince any reasonable person that the book was written with no malicious intent. Here is an extract (excuse the strange formatting):

    Life is uncertain and when a man dies what he knows dies along with him— unless he passes it on while still in life. What this book contains is written out of a sense of obligation to people whom I

    sincerely love. In all good conscience I can say that its aim is to help and not to hurt. If some of what is presented is painful to read, it was als o painful to write. It is hoped that the reader will recognize that the search for truth need never be destructive of faith, that every effort to know and uphold truth will, instead, strengthen the basis for true faith. What those reading this information will do with it is, of course, their own decision. Atleast it will have been said, and a moral responsibility will have been met. - Ray Franz

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