2011-2012 Circuit Assembly program--"Let God's Name be Sanctified"

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  • truthlover

    check msg above and.............

    OH YES! March 2012 will be another special pioneering event!! It worked so well April 2011....

  • paladin

    We were told this weekend not just 30 hours but 30 to 50 hours this comming March 2012.It was so successful last time so now we can do better.

  • MrFreeze

    I can't wait! The spiritual banquet the brothers have provided for us will surely nourish us in these trying times.

    It is possible... no it is almost a certainty that this... will... be... the... BEST ASSEMBLY EVER!!!!!!!! Just ignore the fact that I won't be able to remember a single point from it a day after the assembly but you just know it will be the best ever.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Well it looks like we will get an honerable mention

  • paladin

    We were also told we are missing to many meetings in our circuit and I wonder why.

  • Azazel

    "Christians without Christ "

    I believe this should become the official motto of JW. I just attended the first day of this circuit assembly and conspicous by his abscense was Jesus Christ! It wasnt untill 2:15pm that the first even reference to Christ was made! Im really serious when i say JW are becoming Millenium Jews and no longer "christian" .

    Facebook mention was minimal. Porn was widely condemned. The brother giving the talk went into actual demo of the difference between a glance at porn and a gorking at it! was actually funny .

    They saved the best for bad associations and really targeted critizism of the truth and those who say differently are bad association within the congregation and apostates outside the cong.beware of apostates. I did kinda feel like jumping up and waving looky im an apostate! well i did it in my head but really what else would you expect from a mentally diseased goat?

    Ive saved what i consider the most disturbing for last.

    In the talk Do not take up Jehovah's name in vain given by the DO.

    the DO got into his taalk and said What do you think about Hate? good trait or not?

    Hate is a christian quality essential to worship Jehovah correctly!

    theres lots of blah blah blah then

    Hate helped you leave behind the things of the world. Now you must go even more to Abhor the things of the world

    We must abhor the teachings of Apostates! Many Websites (Yeah thats us!!!! ) are supposably run by JWs how do you know? better to just avoid them completely and dont get led astray by apostate thinking and teachings!

    Im really struggling to be motivated to go tommorrow. just gaining kudos for reinstatement ( for family reasons ONLY!)

    Man i hate this shit.


  • finallysomepride

    Saturday morning I would have been asleep by 10am

  • WildeLover

    this was pretty full on this weekend.

    the speaker in the last talk on saturday said that the GN do not approve of higher education. it was the strongest condemnation ever, many said to me today. craziness!

  • AwareBeing

    The WT's GB wants spiritually blinddummies kissing their feet all the way to the end,

    as the whole org. dives headlong into the pit! There'll be no time for any one to escape!

    NY bethel uses "controller" and "withholder" personality type techniques against it's victims.

  • thetrueone

    2011-2012 Circuit Assembly program--"Let God's Name be Sanctified"

    It should be instead ...

    Let the Watchtower Corporation's name be Sanctified and all the power that it has attained

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