2011-2012 Circuit Assembly program--"Let God's Name be Sanctified"

by Lunatic Faith 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • zoiks
    Not mention of the Lord and Saviour Jesus

    Nah, they don't want that bum hanging around.

  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    I was just talking to my brother and I asked him the Societies stand on FB. He said they never actually mention Facebook in their comments but do "warn of the dangers of social networking sites." It was for all the same old reasons they used to warn against the internet: child stalkers, pornography, people who try and get ones to leave their marriage mates, etc. etc. etc. No mention of: "We are afraid the rank and file might read something we don't want them to know about." So people go on believing the society is looking out for their welfare when in reality they are covering their own asses.

  • metatron

    Do they still refer to a "Public Address"? If so, this shows how deeply they are into fantasy. With Assembly Halls and no advertising such as placards, etc., there is no public !!!!

    This would be beyond just lying. It shows how mentally lost they are.


  • WTWizard

    Another fine waste of the weekend. In the morning Saturday, there is the hounding to pio-sneer. In the afternoon, they play the reproach on Jehovah card with the same crap they always do. Sunday morning they dictate your thinking and actions--which they always do. That afternoon, they wrap it up the way they always do. And their never-ending prayers.

    Sounds like another nice one to miss.

  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    I actually dreamed last night that I was there, trying to figure out how to escape.

  • AwareBeing

    "Jehovah Will Sanctify His Great Name at Armageddon"

    Good, then all in His family can pronounce it correctly!

    If the WT org. was "the truth", they would know God's name

    and pronounce it the same in every language.

    But as it is; they do not know Jesus or The Father.

  • 00DAD

    I for one can't wait to learn how to "Sanctify God's Name by ... --Your Speeck"

    What the heck is "Speeck"? Is this more "New Light" from Jehovah?

    Seriously, and all kidding aside, (I knew it was just a typo) check out the serious mind control in that Symposium:

    Symposium: Sanctify God's Name by...

    --Your Thoughts

    --Your Speech

    --Your Decisions

    --Your Conduct

    They want to control followers actions, words, decisions and even their thoughts!!!

    That's some messed up sh*t!

  • clarity


    That afternoon, they wrap it up the way they always do. And their never-ending prayers.


    Haven't you missed a little something?


    "brothers we are a little short in the donation department. Now,however, we are sure of your very generous 'offerings' being forthcoming before you even think of leaving here!! Remember Jehovah loves a cheerful giver!"


  • AwareBeing

    Great catch 00DAD! "They want to control followers actions, words, decisions and even their thoughts!"

    "I... dream... that I('m) there, trying to... to escape." Really, Lunatic Faith! Our family also has those kinds of nightmares.

    There's allot of abusive techniques, and fear mongering that is used against people in the org.

    Even after leaving, the mind is still in a damaged state from all the 'controls' inflicted upon it.

  • TimothyT

    Haha, thanks for posting! :D

    My brother is there right now. I cant wait to quiz him about how much he enjoyed it (sarcasm) when he gets home! Lol!

    Other than that the program doesnt sound very interesting, but im sure there will be some nonsense about the FDS and how everyone should listen to them, blah blah blah...

    Timmy xxx

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