2011-2012 Circuit Assembly program--"Let God's Name be Sanctified"

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  • Lunatic Faith
    Lunatic Faith

    Not sure if anyone has put this up yet. I had it left in my door yesterday by the Circuit and/or District overseer as my old cong. is hosting this week. I was home but hiding. (yes, I am still a coward)

    Saturday Morning

    9:40 Music

    9:50 Song No. 5 and Prayer'

    10:00 Your Privilege to be a people for God's Name

    10:20 Theocratic Ministry School

    10:50 Song No. 95 and Announcements

    11:00 Make God's name Known as Full-time Servants

    11:25 Dedication and Baptism

    11:55 Song No. 7


    1:20 Music

    1:30 Song no. 92

    1:35 Experiences

    1:45 Symposium: Beware of Bringing Reproach on Jehovah's Name

    --Social Networking


    --Harmful Gossip

    --Bad Association

    2:45 Song No. 17 and Announcements

    2:55 Why God's name must be sanctified

    3:25 Do Not Take Up Jehovah's Name in Vain

    3:55 Song No. 112 and Prayer

    Sunday Morning

    9:40 Music

    9:50 Song No. 10 and Prayer

    10:00 Daily Thinking upon God's name

    10:10 Symposium: Sanctify God's Name by...

    --Your Thoughts

    --Your Speeck

    --Your Decisions

    --Your Conduct

    11:10 Song No. 67 and Announcements

    11:20 Summary of The Watchtower

    11:50 Giving Attention to the needs of the Circuit

    12:15 Song No. 45


    1:30 Music

    1:40 Song No. 1 and Prayer

    Public Address:

    Jehovah Will Sanctify His Great Name at Armageddon

    2:20 Song No. 30 and Announcements

    2:30 Do you love Jehovah's Name?

    3:00 "You will Certainly Know Jehovah"

    3:30 Song No. 34 and Prayer

    Notice how they are now comparing social networking sites to porn? Now whenever a JW is on FB they can be considered rebellious.

  • zoiks

    Public Address:

    Jehovah Will Sanctify His Great Name at Armageddon

    This won't sound loony at all to the general public...

  • PSacramento

    For people that, when pressed about the issue of the origins of the term "Jehovah" will reply that: "it is the common name he is known by and that is good enough for us and you shouldn't make a big deal about translations cause no one really knows", they really do keep making a big deal about that name, don't they?

  • shamus100

    Who cares? I'm staying home and shooting heroin in my arm, spanking a baby, then shooting pigeons. :D

  • zoiks

    I would join Shamus except I'm afraid of needles :'(

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George
    10:00 Your Privilege to be a people for God's Name

    It's a privilege to be a Dub.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    My bro has the 'privilege' of delivering the pornography talk.

    Mwah ha ha ha ha!

  • Bella15

    Not mention of the Lord and Saviour Jesus

  • designs

    Unique Theme, never used before...

  • straightshooter

    Looking at the symposium on "Beware of Bringing Reproach on Jehovah's Name" in:

    --Social Networking


    --Harmful Gossip

    --Bad Association

    What a weird connection between these parts. Possibly the WTS is frightened that jws will have social networking friends who are bad association, who will share harmful gossip, and then post pornographic pictures of themselves. This must be a dangeous problem that exists in the jw community. Ha! Ha!

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