I am trying to figure out my future if I should go to college or just keep working a regular job...............................

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  • strymeckirules

    personally, i wouldn't rely on a job that requires electricity to function, such as any computer related job.

    i'm in the trades(airflow tech/tinsmith) and if the power infrastructure went out, i can still work. analog will survive the digital crash.

    if some type of revolution happens, choose a profession that will still be needed. clothing, food, water, air and shelter will always be needed.

    but thats just me. i like building things.

  • Rocky_Girl

    Computer Science is a booming market right now. Mix it with a business degree and you are golden. Do be careful not to equate a degree with success, though. Some degrees are truly worthless, except as a step to even higher education or in a niche market. This is why I major in Accounting and minor in Writing. I want to be a writer, but I can't be sure that writing will put food on the table. Accounting on the other hand has not felt the same squeeze as other fields with the crumbling economy, so is a much safer bet.

  • andys

    Thats the answer I am looking for and I do have to agree that some degrees are truly worthless, I have worked around people who went to college but were unable to put their degree to any use only finding out their degree is worthless and still working a low paying job, also I will look into computer science and see what that has to offer and also look into a business degree.

  • Scully

    There are lots of positions in a hospital besides janitorial ones, jobs that pay a lot more than $10/hour.

    Hospitals are usually good in terms of offering their employees education perks. Even if you take some courses in time management, etc. it could lead to opportunities in the department you are in now. Every subordinate needs a supervisor, every supervisor has a manager, etc. People in those positions move on to other opportunities, opening up their positions to senior staff among the team. Find out what is needed to qualify for a supervisory position or a management position. There's nothing wrong with being part of the custodial / housekeeping team of a hospital. They have an essential and vital role in infection control, but also in making a patient's hospital stay comfortable.

    I've been a nurse for over a decade, and while some of my colleagues keep their distance from the housekeeping staff, I know all the names of the housekeeping staff in my area and chat with them when there's time, and have gotten to know them beyond their name-tags - it makes a world of difference to build that kind of relationship, because these folks will go out of their way - above and beyond - for you if you've invested the energy into including them as part of your team. The patients love it, the housekeeping staff enjoy the praise and gratitude, and my aloof colleagues are bewildered that the housekeepers will bend over backwards for Nurse Scully.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I dreamed of being a nurse. Hospitals seem like little exciting cities. I like large, diverse employers.

    Pharmaceutical cos. have good benefits.

  • JeffT

    You have already demonstrated a skill the hospital needs - a demonstrated capacity to work around all the assorted things that can go wrong with the human body and the resulting messes. Health care is going to continue to be a growing field. In your situation I'd talk to my employer about getting in some classes and perhaps some career advice.

  • Razziel

    You mentioned you are able to save some money up in your current job. I would advise before you do anything, try very hard to save up a six month emergency fund. Then don't touch it. If you go back to school, and something happens where you lose your job, or if you get sick for awhile and can't work, you'll have a few months to get better or find another job and get back on your feet without being SOL.

    If you want a bang for your buck technical degree which gives you something to fall back on, think about being a Nurse. You can easily make over $20/hr (often much more) with a 2 year Nursing certificate, and you will never have to worry about finding a job.

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