WT Nov 1, 2011 SEX - Ten Questions About Sex Answered

by St George of England 48 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • 00DAD

    discreetslave, I appreciate your responding in kind to my ironic, sarcastic response to what we both know is a serious problem.

    A Black Humor approach is one of the ways I am trying to cope with this. If it wasn't so outrageous it would be funny.

    A good friend of mine that was recently DF'd for attempting to fade (he was a born-in and devoted 50+ years of his life to the Slave-Master before he woke up) describes what the GB does to its members "A Crime Against Humanity." The first time he said this to me I thought he was being a bit melodramatic. The more I thought about it the more I realized he was understating the seriousness of it.

    It really is an outrage!

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  • stillajwexelder

    BTW, does anybody know why dogs and cats lick themselves?

    BECAUSE THEY CAN !!!!!!!!

  • discreetslave
  • Scully

    The Elderâ„¢ who performed our wedding ceremony met with us several weeks before the wedding - we thought it was to find out if there were any anecdotes about our courtship that he could work in to the talk, but in reality, he wanted to review some Scripturalâ„¢ Counselâ„¢ with us in order to "keep the marriage bed clean and undefiled" (*that* was the scripture he read out loud to us!! )

    Anyway, one of his bits of wisdom was to tell us that "oral sex is okay - there's nothing wrong with talking about sex with your spouse". I $h!t you not! The old guy didn't have a frikkin' clue.

  • sizemik

    Here's a link to the pdf . . .

    Check carefully item 10 . . . I get from it that masturbation is only a sin if it's a "habit" or displays a greedy sexual appetite. So the occasional wank looks OK from where I'm sitting . . .


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