WT Nov. 1, 2011 (public) - When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed - Part 2

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    BTT......Thank you Alleymom for posting that

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    I hope you do not mind, I have put your response from John Steele on my web site:



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    It seems the WT has a predilection for continuing to cite early 20th-century sources well into the early 21st century. They recently did this with one of the articles on the cross/stauros non-issue IIRC. But then what do you expect from a religion whose entire framework revolves around invisible events that occurred in 1914, 1918, and 1919?

    Oh I get it now! Jerusalem WAS destroyed in 607... just invisibly! Can you feel the anointification my brothers and sisters?

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    Doug Mason

    The articles on “When Was Ancient Jerusalem Destroyed?” gloss over key omissions:

    (1) Neither article provides any evidence that proves Jews returned to the temple site at Jerusalem in 537 BCE. The reason is that they cannot; no one knows the year, although many hazard a guess. But for the WTS it is crucial.

    (2) Neither article provides a Biblical statement that explicitly states this event marked the conclusion of the Seventy Years.

    (3) Neither article provides a Biblical statement that explicitly states which event marked the commencement of the Seventy Years. The articles cannot, for the Bible writers were not interested enough to point to any specific event.

    (4) Although the WTS starts the Seventy Years with the entry of the murderous Jews into Egypt, the WTS is incapable of proving that this happened in the same year that Jerusalem was destroyed. The Bible writer only mentioned the Jews’ key religious month of Tishri, without identifying the year. Everything that happened between the destruction of Jerusalem and the Jews’ entry into Egypt took much longer than two months. The WTS’s Seventy Years does not start with the destruction of Jerusalem.


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