Marrying out of the truth poem!

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  • MissFit

    Original poem:Utter drival. EW I think i threw up a little in my mouth.

    I married a non JW. Best decision of my life.

  • ToesUp

    Another JW gem to make you feel like [email protected] I know of disaster marriages in WT. Marrying a JW isn't a guarantee. I know of JW's married to "worldly men" and the men are awesome husbands, fathers and friends. I know of JW's married to JW's and their separated, divorced or in a miserable marriage. This is the G in FOG....GUILT! More JW BS.

  • dubstepped

    Haha, I'm guessing someone listened to my podcast, lol. Funny to see this get bumped.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Well, my wife married a non-believer, ME. As expected, all of her JW family refused to attend our wedding.

    What's happened since then, you may ask?

    Since someone in this site may know me I will proceed with caution and spare the details. Suffice to say there's plenty of cheating, divorce, no university studies, low paying jobs among my wife's JW's nephews and nieces. I can only think of two success stories: in the first story both husband and wife are nominal JW's; and in the second story the husband is an elder and a total asshole, but no cheating and no divorce there. She looks miserable though

    Meanwhile me and my wife live happy lives, have zero debt, two houses, a fat retirement, have done a good share of traveling and plan to do plenty more until death. Also, both my children are on their way to graduating from a four year university. Funny, but pretty much everyone in my wife's large family praises my children for their exemplary conduct and achievements and I know deep inside they wish their kids were just like ours.

    Some religion!

  • stuckinarut2

    Thought it sounded familiar Dubstepped!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Just a bit more. The story of my wife's large JW family is not unique. It's pretty much the rule. There's very few JW families where the children become exemplary JW's and stay happily married. The success rate must be lower than for non-JW's. This type of situation seems to be aggravated when the father is an elder. Seriously.

  • ToesUp

    never a jw

    What a great success story. You should be so proud! We have watched our JW relatives marriages fall apart over the years. JW's do not like to look at the character of a person, It's all about the outward appearance and how many JW tasks you do which equates to how "spiritual" you are. Your wife and kids are lucky to have you!

  • zeb

    That stupid 'poem' is very poor structure but with no education what jw could ever write poetry?

    to say anymore is to give it the credit of honest critique.

    The intention of such faeces' is to hurt by proxy and lay down a road of utter despair as a dire prediction. such is following the wt pattern of making incorrect dire predictions.

    Oh boy I am being polite.

    To anyone who gets given this poison 'poem' pick up your binoculars of discernment and have look at the marriage of the person giving it and send them a Sympathy card!

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Toes up:

    Credit goes to my Catholic mother and father. They gave their four male children the education, the morals and the work ethic that inevitably lead to happy and stable lives. Two of my brothers are JW's, and myself and another brother are not. What's the common denominator among all our families, JW's and non JW's. All of us had been married to the first and only wife till this moment (23 years in my case, 37 years in the case of the oldest). No signs of the first divorce in any family yet. All our kids (10 total) are good kids with no vices whatsoever. Six out of the ten are in stable marriages and following in the footsteps of their dads (my brothers and me). The only difference is that all the non JW kids (5) have finished, or will finish soon four year college, and the JW kids (5), except for one, only started college, but quit halfway. Overall the JW families and the non JW families are indistinguishable. They all enjoy happy and stable lives. So, the JW religion has nothing to do with the success. Thank you mom and dad.

    One day my JW brother wanted to give credit to the WT for his good kids. I had to stop him. I gave him plenty of examples of failed JW marriages and bad kids. And I forced him to think that his debt is to his non JW parents. The evidence is there. very loud and very clear.

  • MissFit

    Great point Never A JW.

    The Org. Has JWs believing that they have the corner on human decency and good conduct. We were always told that "the world" and "worldly" people were evil and scary and harmful.

    I found in my experience most"worldly" people were more loving, honest and genuine than most JWs i knew.

    I must say as a JW that "married out of the "truth", it is difficult to stay "spiritually "strong. The org. Demands alot of time, energy and commitment that the non JW was not expecting, not to mention the tight control the society has on a JWs thoughts and actions. I found myself torn and feeling like i was choosing my husband over Jehovah. But i could not see how my husband could be worthy of death. It is hard to be with someone that you are mourning. Non JWs dont understand the pressure that the fear of Armageddon has on their spouse.

    When the org. Talks about the 3 cords in a marriage -it meant the husband, the wife and the Organization (not God). The nonJW spouse has to share with the Org.

    It is the Org. That puts pressure on the marriage.

    I dealt with a lot of guilt because of drivel like that poem. My husband did not deserve being protrayed as someone unworthy because he did not have the same belief system as myself or the JWs.

    He was always supportive of me. When he got laid off, instead of beating me and infecting me with HIV, or mooching off my salary, he found another job because he had skills. I learned uncondional love from him.

    I do feel it was easier to fade but i had to be ready to wake up. I think i was subconsciously fadeing and waking up when i met him. I just needed to get mentally out and learn TTATT.

    That is what the Org. Is afraid of-us learning how normal the "world" is and how totally unextraordinary the JWs are.

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