Marrying out of the truth poem!

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  • nugget

    There are no polite words to describe this total drivel . The original poem is juvenile, pointless and crass. All the cliches piled into this talentless offering that made me waste 5 whole minutes I am never getting back.

    This person qualifies for their own entry in hitchhikers guide to the galaxy as worst poet in the universe.

  • EmptyInside

    I agree with SD-7,I hate that kind of poetry,if you want to call it that. Someone thought they were quite clever. But,it needs a better ending,like how she met a brother named "Andre".

  • ballistic

    It's... not that good.

    Here's my attempt.

    Roses are Red

    Violets are Blue

    I was hoodwinked into a destructive and badly conceived cult,

    And it seems like you were too

  • NewChapter

    LOL. Just LOL. All worldly women get beat by their husbands who don't work and have dead babies and die young. I wonder how that world stubbornly keeps hanging on!


  • Quarterback

    We have so much talented people here. I have enjoyed your poetry, and attempts.

    The first one, of course is fiction. Not everyone who marries an unbeliever ends up with that outcome. I have seen many failed marriages in the faith, as well as outside. Marriage is always a work in progress.

  • jaydee

    And now, a bit of a 'bump' for all the Sisters out there......thanks Jehovah Bear.....

  • tiki

    Aside from the fact that I abhor soppy corny "poems" of this sort.....not really poetry by the about one about the 18 year old virgin dubs who have the perfect dub wedding complete with potluck casseroles...go pioneering and live off of he climbs the cong corporate ladder and in 6 or 7 years is an elder, but meanwhile the kids have grown up and the sex is lousy they never really meshed...and he decides shes not submissive enough so he starts slapping her around...she whimpers to her super dub mom Who tells her to buck up and take it...then gradually he gets more violent...she goes to trusted elders who counsel her because of course it's all her fault...she ends up divorcing the idiot before he kills her...finds a nice worldly guy...gets married...gets a degree and a good meaningful job..has a couple healthy happy kids and lives happily ever after.

    , they never quitre

  • dubstepped

    I was on JW Talk maybe 2-3 years ago and that poem was posted. I spoke out about how ridiculous it was and don't remember getting much support. One member there was married to an unbeliever and sent me a pm thanking me. Even when I was still in I couldn't stand such bull poo. It's a very hostile poem. I hate their attitudes.

  • blondie

    I know a sister who showed me this poem when I was going to marry my non-jw husband.

    Her jw husband is

    a wife beater

    a nasty alcoholic

    daughter #1 married a non-jw

    daughter #2 married a jw on the edge all his life

    daughters not married in KH

    Her husband has retired to drink all day while she has to work to pay the bills (older than husband)

    Her oldest sister was married to an alcoholic

    Her younger sister married a jw but has seen all her children not get baptized and marry non-jws

    Her father was removed as an elder and died from a stroke a few years later, no one visited him from his jw life

    Her brother's son (while brother was an elder) was molested by an elder on the same BOE, but nothing was done by the WTS. Her brother stepped down as an elder, moved, and now has nothing to do with the organization.

    Life has been good

  • Londo111

    Even aesthetically, never mind the content, this is just bad poetry.

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