Marrying out of the truth poem!

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    Marrying out of the truth !!

    (Author's name removed to protect privacy)


    Marrying out of the Truth: Does it set you free?

    I'd like to tell you a story, about true love at last.

    It's very informative and has an interesting cast.

    So pay close attention, it's sad but true,

    And don't ever think this can't happen to you.

    I met him during lunch break on a sunny day,

    He sat next to me and smiled, as I was about to pray.

    We talked on and on. He was such a gentleman.

    I wished that this moment would never end.

    Ah, but then it came to be the end of my lunch hour

    I tell you when he stood up; he looked just like a tower!

    We met again and again. Our souls began to cling.

    I pondered in my mind, 'Is this the REAL thing?'

    He doesn't smoke or drink, or gamble away his money.

    He doesn't do drugs or things like that and he's nobody's 'honey'.

    Let's face it, he's fine and he's really got a great 'bod'.

    The only thing that's missing is he doesn't serve Jehovah God.

    I'll just give him a chance, he'll change in time.

    I won't mind being 'his', if he'd like to be 'mine'.

    My friends tried to warn me. I didn't listen or care.

    Little did I know my life would be one of despair.

    The wedding was fine. The judge married us in the fall.

    You see, I couldn't have a wedding in a Kingdom Hall

    My dad, no, he didn't give me away.

    With the pain in his heart, he didn't have much to say.

    Mom listens to me, please don't cry and whine.

    Don't worry about us, we'll be just fine.

    I've got a good man and he has a good job.

    The only thing is, he doesn't serve Jehovah God.

    Everything is going fine, but recently at night.

    When it's time for the meeting, we just fuss and fight.

    He says, 'Who's this God, breaking us apart?

    Don't go tonight dear, please follow your heart.'

    So I listen and stay, to keep peace at home.

    But now oftentimes, I feel so all-alone.

    I don't associate with the friends much at all,

    To keep peace at home, I don't go to the Hall.

    Service and Meetings, all that is history.

    Today, I decorated my first Holiday Tree.

    The holiday celebrations are now part of my life.

    You see, I must obey my husband, for I am his wife.

    The brothers would call. I wouldn't answer the door.

    I don't read the magazines. Reading is such a bore.

    Marrying out of the Truth, it really sets you 'free'.

    'Free' from Jehovah's love that once was in me.

    I just got the news! I'm having a 'little one'!

    I can hardly wait to tell my dear 'Hon'.

    He was in a bad mood. He lost his job that day.

    He told me as he hit me, 'That's just one more bill to pay!'

    Then he apologized, 'I'm sorry, please forgive me Dear'

    You see, I've heard those words more often than I'd like to hear.

    I have two jobs now. I must support my household.

    My husband says he'll find work, but now that's getting old.

    I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm feeling very strange.

    My schedule at both jobs, I'll have to rearrange.

    I should be very happy; the baby is due any day.

    Things just have to get better, somehow, some way .

    I'm married to this man, for better or for worse.

    The only problem is, he doesn't put Jehovah first.

    The baby came today, she's so little and so light.

    She's not crying or making noise, something's just not right.

    'What could be wrong?' I thought aloud as I lay in bed.

    In came the doctor looking sad, and then he shook his head. '

    Mrs. Unbeliever,' he said, 'there's something I must confess.'

    You and the baby tested positive to the new HIV test.

    I started crying. I couldn't believe the words the doctor said.

    To know that in a very short time, my child and I'd be dead!

    Listen to me! All of you! I'm telling you to your face!

    To marry an Unbeliever, is a TOTAL DISGRACE!

    To Jehovah, our loving father, who provides for his sheep.

    That's why he sets the guidelines for us to hold and to keep

    Wait on Jehovah. In his due time He'll set things straight.

    Be patient and He'll give you a Theocratic mate.

    One who loves Jehovah and you know that he'll do right.

    One who'll be there with you when it comes to 'Meeting' night.

    A worldly man has nothing to offer - really nothing at all

    But unhappiness, sadness, sorrow, and a very serious fall.

    So be wise my Sisters, and please don't try to rush things.

    Wait patiently on Jehovah, and accept the blessings he brings.

    Don't look to worldly men as mates, at your job or at the Mall.

    REMEMBER! Brothers that serve Jehovah are at the Kingdom Hall.

    The dubs like stupid poems! Anyway, we have a new animal in the Ark: the Theocratic mate.

    It's from the JW Talk Forum.

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  • palmtree67

    All worldly men are lying, cheating, wife-beaters with HIV?

    And all JW men treat their wives well?


  • LongHairGal


    Ah, those poems, how I do remember them! I had a few saved and when I found out about the religion's scandals and hidden history, I tore them to shreds! How sickening to think they tried to tug at your heartstrings!

    While this poem might seem like a wise admonition, there are some fallacies there. For one thing, with regard to story about the positive HIV test and the baby, etc., this can happen even if somebody is married to a brother!! What if some poor sister married a brother who had been a JW for ten years but he did some things in the past.... I don't care if he is a "pioneer", MS or whatever. This can happen and there is no guarantee that just because somebody becomes a JW or a born-again accepting Jesus that their past can't come back to haunt them.

    Also, there are hardly any marriageable brothers at any given hall if a woman is over 30. She has to look outside if she has any brains. Besides, I believe the reason the religion doesn't want women looking outside the religion for a man is because once a woman is married, all the users in the god-damned religion (including the elders) cannot come up to her and bother her to do favors! That is what these admonitions to marry only a JW are about. They know the demographics are so bad that there are more women than men so a large number of women would remain single.

    The religion fears the loss of what they view as single female drudges who can no longer be exploited once they are married to somebody.

  • clarity

    Isn't amazing ... the power of WORDS!


    Reading that progressive little diatribe with the inevitable ending, even yet .................. brought back those old suffocating quilty feelings !!!!!!

    {suffocate = to kill by cutting off the air supply}


    Wow, I'm so glad to be breathing the cool fresh air now!


  • carla

    this is so disgusting I have no words I can type here without a mod locking it up!

  • Nickolas

    here's my poem:









  • Billzfan23

    I just made this one up :)

    I met a worldly woman, who saved me from the Dubs,

    For the first time in my life, I saw unconditional love,

    My family doesn't call, they're still blinded by their cult,

    While my life is free and easy, theirs is filled with much tumult.

    My kids are normal and healthy, Prozac they do not take,

    From being scarred by Armageddon images in the Awake!

    They excel at their school sports, many friends by thier side,

    Leading only one life, not a second one to hide!

    Their days aren't filled with meetings, or knocking on cold doors,

    I've helped them find true freedom, and they couldn't thank me more!

  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Why I Want To Marry Out Of The Truth- by No Room For George

    I'd like to share with you something dear from my soul

    About a love in my heart I'm finding difficult to control

    There's a beautiful and intelligent woman who's thrown signals my way

    Since I haven't responded in kind, people question whether I'm gay

    I can't entirely blame their way of thinking, as its not their fault

    What they don't realise is, I was born and raised within a cult

    A cult that's about controlling thoughts, and how I behave

    Taught to worship Jehovah, and forced from birth to worship the Faithful & Discreet Slave

    That Slave teaches that marrying out of Da Troof is a big No-No!

    That God commands us to marry only in the Lord, but is that really so?

    I did some research, on the Bible verse in question

    I wanted to know if it was a command, or more of a suggestion

    The verse in question is found at 1 Corinthians, chapter seven

    What's significant is found in the verse that precedes eleven

    It states the command was given by "I, not the Lord" in verse ten

    Hence, that entire chapter is not the words of God, but rather the words of men

    Men still supposedly speak on behalf of God, almost 2000 years later

    They make up endless rules, and if you disobey they label you a traitor

    Because of a letter to Corinth by a man named Paul, people's romantic lives have been placed on hold

    The WT enforces this because their modus operandi, is all about behavior and thought control

    Now the WT teaches that their organization is how 1st Century Christians lived before

    However the endless rules, smoke and mirrors of their past, and shunning, remind me more of 1984

    In the past the WT stated that getting an organ transplant would make one a cannibal

    They've shunned and caused deaths, because they equate blood transfusions, with eating blood like an animal

    This organization is based not upon love of God or neighbor, but rather its based upon fear

    Example, a 1969 Awake stated the end would come before one graduated from college and fulfilled a career

    With all of that considered, would I really be at fault?

    To take the WT's stance on marrying an unbeliever, with a grain of salt?

    People have remained single because of one Bible verse

    1 Corinthians 7:39 penned by a man, and yet people remained single up until the day of their hearse

    All because they thought they were obeying God's command

    They couldn't have been more wrong, because they only obeyed the thoughts of an imperfect man

    So now here I am, single and lonely, and I want to get married

    But the thoughts of marrying a JW female pioneer are quite frankly, scary

    I like educated women with a touch of independence and sophistication

    I'll pass on a Regular Pioneer with an attitude of nonstop menstruation

    Sad to say, I love my family and losing them is something I can't afford

    So it pains me to say this, buy maybe I will marry only in the Lord

    If thats how it has to be, and thats my fate,

    I'll make the best of it by marrying a JWN apostate

    So the ladies of JWN, when you're lonely and the lights are dim

    Log onto JWN courtesy of Simon, and send me a PM

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    to the first one - I've seen that before in an e-mail and thought it was stupid even when I was a true believer

    - to billzfan's version! Quite a talent you have. Get a chain email started!

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