Florida Pastor Doesn’t Get Why Atheists Aren’t Registered Like Sex Offenders

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  • fallen_princess

    I thought this was so insanely stupid that it made it funny, so I had to share. Living in "The Bible Belt", I meet people with this sort of mentality all the time but this guy takes the cake! Let's all applaud this guy for reaching new lows in his preachy narrow-mindedness that it was barely interesting enough that a reporter was desperate enough for a story wrote about it.


  • Spectre

    Bwahahahahahhahahaaa!!!!! To quote Bugs Bunny, "What a maroon."

  • fallen_princess

    I was just so amazed when I stumbled upon this little gem that I actually read it twice to make sure I had read it right! But in all seriousness, it seems like when global climate starts to get a tad bit dicey, (war, terrorism, bad economy, what have you...) people cling to religion more. Take the Dark Ages and the ascent of Christianity.. What if all these religiots got together and made it so they got their way? We all saw what happened when the U.S. conservatives got together and reached their meddling little mitts into Canada to make pot illegal again just because it made them uncomfortable. I know its a long shot but I humor the idea for two seconds just out of sheer boredom...

  • BizzyBee

    If the GOP regains power, this will be standard fare.

  • poopsiecakes
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    fallen_princess LOL...this is so funny...I had to share it on facebook.

    Spectre...I think he is a Macaroon....an over baked one

  • fallen_princess

    lol @ poopsiecakes. That gif rocks!

    so, this guy is claiming that Atheists are comparable to sex offenders. In following that vein, I guess it balances out then because there are so many religious leaders that actually are sex offenders. Low blow? yes maybe, but I couldnt resist!

  • Joliette


  • Dagney

    What Spectre and Bugs said.

  • Spectre

    This reads like a piece right off The Onion. Proving that truth can be stranger than fiction.

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