The Jehovah’s Witness Baby Sitter

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  • mamalove

    GaryNeal, I never imagined you a dad with young kids. I FEEL YOUR PAIN my friend about the JW babysitter situation. When I was still married and active JW I had two JW friends watching my kids while I was at work. Once I exited and was divorced I kept it up because there was so much change and I did not have time to get another situation down. So this summer I completely changed that and got a college girl to be my nanny while I was at work. It was great. I obviously did not pluck her off the streets and actually she was the sister of a girl I used to work with, and it turned out to be a good situation. My next option was to use It is a new website that I know people that have found great sitters and nanny/babysitting services and other stuff too. If you can convince your wife to maybe have someone come to your house, it might not be any more expensive.

    My JW sitters were still being too overbearing for my taste so I had to do what needed to be done. Good luck!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    You have to actively teach her critical thinking skills.... from a book. Not from what you think they are.

    She should be so good at it that she can quickly pick holes in your thinking when you make a mistake.

    Critical thinking is the only protection you can offer her. You cannot isolate her from the madness of the cult, now, or as a teen, or as an adult. You can only teach her how to recognise it and how to deal with it...... and you have to do it before her mother, or you, or the babysitter, or a Moonie, yogi, whatever, teaches her how to compartmentalise.


  • garyneal

    I just want to let everyone know that this babysitter is not the same one my wife tried to get for the before and after care that I mentioned in this thread. This is a totally different situation, we needed someone to watch the oldest one for one week between her summer camp ending and her school beginning. Usually, the grandparents are asked to do this as we did this last year when the summer camp program fell two weeks short of her preschool but this year this was not an option. The littlest one's babysitter was a last resort.

    Now on to people's replies...

    NomadSoul: I learned today that this babysitter does babysit worldly kids too and I don't think this incident will be all too damaging.

    Outlaw: The babysitter told me today that she tells people that she is a Christian, then later said a Jehovah's Witness, and that she will not allow certain things in her home. Truth is, I admire her stand but I plan to ask her probing questions about her she deals with the 'worldly' kids in regards to her praying for the meal and all and what her boundaries are with them. Of course, she may lie and there would be no way I would know.

    Blondie: Yeah, I think my MIL, is trying to influence the wife in regards to spiritual education. Even dropping hints about using the School and Jehovah's Witnesses book. Luckily, the public schools in our area do not do any holiday celebrations out of respect for all religions. It is sensible to me since there are other religions besides the witnesses who do not take too kindly to having Christmas shoved down the throats of their kids. I try to teach my children to respect all beliefs even if we do not share in them.

    Mrsjones: I think you are right. Today my daughter and I was talking about magic again and I think the babysitter's denying it only made it more interesting to her. I showed her a magic trick with a coin (that she saw through right away) and she wanted to do it herself. The funny thing was that she said, "We can't show mommy that we are doing this," as if we were doing something wrong. I could not help but to laugh. I warned my wife about making something appear to be a 'forbidden fruit' as I try to explain why rather than just simply saying no to something.

    Married to the mob: I sense you confusion over this and the other thread. I hope my disclaimer at the top of this reply helps clear that up.

    discreetslave: Yeah, it is extreme and I am beginning to wonder how far this babysitter goes. I just learned that the babysitter does a prayer before a meal too. What else is she doing? In regards to the baby, yeah she will still have her but hopefully the baby will be in a daycare by the time she is two. Truth is, that would be the best option even if the babysitter weren't an issue as kids need a head start before school as we learned by our oldest daughter. My wife sees this too and as a school teacher, she agrees that a center (preferably the one we sent the big sis too) would be a better choice when the baby gets older and the fees aren't so steep.

    Hamsterbait: I think you too are confusing the two threads. Please read the disclaimer at the top of this post.

    Nickolas: Truth is, I can respect her wishes not to have to watch those 'satanic' shows in her home. She is a good babysitter and I am overall pleased with her, I guess I will just have to try to determine how far she is going with her views and how much she is trying to push them onto the kids. As I mentioned, she babysits worldly kids too so I would hope that she at least respects the boundaries in regards to trying to indoctrinate the kids in her religion.

    Carla: I got your PM, will respond.

    AnneB: Yeah, I do wonder if she does this to the worldly kids.

    mamalove: Thanks for the advice, I'm hoping to convince my wife to consider the community centers for before and after care of the oldest since they are cheaper than where we are going to send her to next week. As for the infant, I won't make too many waves for now but will be monitoring things.

    Black Sheep: Good advice. I've got the book, been reading it, going to try the OPV game with them.

  • OnTheWayOut

    JW`s will do everything in their power to influence your children..

    They have no boundaries..They respect no boundaries..

    Regardless of what you ask in regards to your children..JW`s will do as they please..


    Amen to that. Also, maybe she's a bit young for deeper concepts. How about "Magic is like cartoons- it's make-believe, it's pretend. A bunch of the stuff on t.v. is make-believe."

    Then go on to help her see that "The Daily Show" and "Bill Maher" are totally real. (this part is a joke.)

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    As I mentioned, she babysits worldly kids too so I would hope that she at least respects the boundaries in regards to trying to indoctrinate the kids in her religion.

    I'd be reviewing her CCTV from around birthdays, Xmas, Easter & Halloween to hear what she was saying to the kids.

    You might want to hear her explanations to the worldly children of why they're not watching Super Why, painting Easter eggs or making Xmas decos like other kids they know.

  • dgp

    My sympathies, Gary. I would find a different babysitter if I were you.

  • trailerfitter

    I would sincerely consider what the prime objectives of the WATCHTOWER organisation are,..then you will know what to do about the babysitter. If saving souls in the prime objective and armageddon is to be on us soon, then the urgency of saving and influencing as many as possible in the ways of jehovahs' laws are paramount to a Jehovah Witness.

    Do not be deceived. I have lost my wife to them lock, stock and barrel.

    You already know my situation My wife and I are not talking to each other at the moment because I crossed her about the blood issue and the legal documents. I spend more time with my child now, I am not working so can afford this. The main thing I have been concerned with is not to talk about his mum and the church negatively or put her down in any way...this is my golden rule however I feel she is not of the same vain naturally and it doesn't help that she will read the WT books constantly so the AD HOMINEN is alway present. I was very annoyed that my wife was however scaring our some with a bible stroy about howw god killed a man and his dihonest wife for keeping some money back for themselves after selling their land off for the church...this story is in a JW publication that was recomened for my child to know the love of god...!!

    Remember they use theocratical warfare. I have been on the receiving end of subtle lies after her BS teacher knew my stance. They used to whisper when they though I may be listening and recently I was accused of trying to disrupt lessons with my questions,... You can only decide what you want to do. I was raised Roman Catholic as a child and my Dad is devout but I have turned Atheist totally after the JWs destroyed what little belief I not all bad.

    I am not sure if they tell children that the world is coming soon but perhaps the "chicken little " childs story may help your children to understand that after saying to everyone that the sky is falling in my actually help them to realise (even only ater in life) that some people only busy themselves about saying things like that that aren't true.

    I think the damage from the EVIL Watchtower comes with repetition.

  • carla

    Of course, she may lie and there would be no way I would know.-- nannycam, if it comes to that.

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Gary - Having re-read both topics, my bad. However does this not support your eldest daughter NOT going to a JW babysitter the lower cost?

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