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  • garyneal

    Just thought I’d pop in with a new thread concerning the development on my children’s lives. My youngest daughter goes to a babysitter who is a sister in my wife’s congregation. The reason being is because the child is an infant and regular daycare is much too expensive. We looked around at home based daycares and found this one most suitable. My oldest daughter (who starts Kindergarten next week) is staying at this babysitter this week because the summer camp program at her old daycare ended last week and it would be too expensive to put her in the summer camp program at the center that we normally use for before and after care. So she is staying with her little sister’s baby sitter for this week only.

    Last night, as I was putting my children to bed, the oldest said something most strange. There is a kids program on PBS kids called Super Why and the characters use what the baby sitter sees as magic (Princess Presto with her magic wand and Super Why) and told my daughter that she does not like that program because God does not approve of magic. In my mind I was thinking, “Oh my God, here we go again,” for as you all probably know, my wife did not want my daughter watching The Princess and The Frog because of the Shadow Man and the ‘demons’ he associates with. It reminds me too much of my old Independent Fundamental Baptist days where just about any television program and movie could be demonized in some way and are suppose to be avoided.

    Is it any wonder why I would prefer that my children NOT be in the care of a religious person? With the Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular, I can see the conversation easily going from TV programs to birthdays and holidays. In fact, my daughter has already said earlier this week that the baby sitter said that she did not like birthdays (but did not mention whether or not the baby sitter said why). I can only imagine that kids being exposed to this constantly do not have a healthy childhood.

    Anyhow, in regards to the super readers of Super Why and their ‘magic’, I responded by explaining to my daughter some concepts about magic (though I doubt a five year old could understand them). I asked her how does the picture in the TV get there? Then I explained to her that a long long time ago, someone thought that it may be possible to send pictures through the air using some form of energy. That person was later accused of and condemned for practicing magic (well actually for sorcery but I left it at practicing magic for her benefit). However, today we take television for granted and see no magic in it at all. Then I explained that once we understand how something that appears to be magical works, it is no longer magic and that our world today would look like magic to the people who lived long long ago.

    I don’t think she got it right now but hopefully one day she will.

    Next week she will start kindergarten and will be in a center for before and after care and out from under the influence of that baby sitter.

  • NomadSoul

    I don't have any kids, but I do have younger siblings. I think you have little to worry about. Just as long as you tell her that you feel different. Just by plainly saying, "I don't think the show is bad", should suffice.

    I think your word will have more weight than anybody else's. That's my take on it.


    JW`s will do everything in their power to influence your children..

    They have no boundaries..They respect no boundaries..

    Regardless of what you ask in regards to your children..JW`s will do as they please..


  • blondie

    Ditto, Outlaw. A sister I know well had all of her sons never get baptized and stopped attending the KH at 18. They married non-jw women and had several children. She promised them she would not "witness" to her grandchildren when they visited her...she JUST read the bible story book to them. It wasn't long that the kaka hit the fan, she was called a liar, and told she would never be allowed alone her grandchildren. Her jw relatives said that was so cruel and unloving by the non-jws...but admitted she had not told them the truth because their lives were involved. So jws will lie and think they are saving your life. She was never allowed alone with them again.

  • mrsjones5

    Young children will follow their parents despite what outsiders will say. I get the feeling that your daughter mentioned what the babysitter has been saying to her to get reassurance from you, that what she's used to and likes doing isn't wrong. Being the good daddy you are you did just that.

    When my daughter was five my father tried to explain to her why he didn't celebrate birthdays and why it was wrong to do so. My daughter was not impressed and promptly told my father that he needed to have more fun.

    Out of the mouths of babes

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    Gary - Do you feel that your choice to keep your eldest daughter at the before and after school center rather than this JW was the RIGHT thing to do now despite the increased cost?

  • discreetslave

    Last week my kids went through the same thing with a sister who watched them. My 2 year old loves Super Why she wouldn't let him watch it for the same reason. My daughter was told she couldn't talk about pop songs, the Lion king, and was made to pray before eating a popsicle. I told my husband I thought she was too extreme but he didn't see the harm.

    It's good your daughter will be away from her but she still has your baby. Your baby will learn all the kingdom songs and be able to say Armageddon.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Tell your children the truth: Magic is in a lot of fairy tales and there's nothing wrong with it, there are no such things as demons, ghosts or Santa Claus.

  • hamsterbait

    yeah Well -

    I remember your ORIGINAL post on this.

    Dont say nobody here warned you this would happen.

    If you let your kids play in the shit it will stick to them.


  • carla

    What Outlaw said!

    I hope you will start looking for a new sitter situation now for the infant so when they begin to understand language you have options already in place. In the meantime go get some cute bibs with pithy sayings that will drive her nuts. just kidding.

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