Katherine Jackson attending birthday celebration for Michael?

by PenelopePaige 12 Replies latest jw experiences

  • PenelopePaige

    Ummmmm.....isn't she not supposed to do this? I saw the story on TMZ today, sorry don't know how to post the link....what's up with this?

  • james_woods

    In my opinion, the Jacksons were never "real" witnesses in the first place.

    No more than Prince, the Williams Sisters, or Mickey Spillane ever were.

    All of them were or are permitted to be "witnesses" completely on their own rules because they were celebrities.

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  • PenelopePaige

    It seems as though Katherine Jackson is as serious as a heart attack about being a JW, she was out in field service when Michael died, and I hear she goes to all the conventions etc. but I do find it strange that she would go to a birthday celebration thing, and (to her credit) she doesn't seem to shun her children that have left the JW's. She even welcomed ole crazy LaToya back, even after all she'd done, which was a nice thing to do. :)

  • james_woods

    Well, remember that she attended a non-witness memorial service for MJ too - as I recall.

    Serious or not, she still is permitted to be a witness pretty much by her own rules.

  • Dagney

    Good for her.

    If a JW asks me about BD's, I'll tell them "Katherine Jackson does it!"

  • PSacramento

    Can you imagine IF the WT would DF her or do anything that would cause her to take what she knows and go public?

    Can you imagine how much publicity she would be able to get? how much light would be shed on ALL the WT does and has DONE ??

  • steve2

    And remember right at the start, even before the Jackson family were "superstars" they obeyed Berry Gordy from Motown and recorded "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and whole lot of other "pagan" christmassy songs for an album. Money talks and the Watchtower listens.

    Seriously, the Jackson family, matriarch Katherine included, are like so many "well known" JWs: They are "special" and follow another set of rules altogether.

  • Quarterback

    She is not the first JW to attend a Birthday party. It's not a DF offense. I'm not against her attending a non witness funeral. That is a conscience matter. It was her son that died.

  • sd-7

    Well, maybe she's already been "marked" for her "brazen conduct"...


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