Katherine Jackson attending birthday celebration for Michael?

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Unlike Michael, she seems sincere. Few people would do know her well enough to know. I strongly believe she must send extremely large donations. Imagine how many younger black people the JWs attract b/c of their black celebrities.

    Mickey Spillane was a D list. Katherine,Michael--definitely A list.

    All I know if I ever grabbed my crotch with definite purpose and held it a long time, it would be curtains for me. The Williams sisters are so fashion crazy for a Witness.

    Money talks, no one walks.

  • Snoozy


    Michael Jackson's Birthday
    Katherine Attends Celebration

    Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, was among those gathered yesterday at the Jackson family home in Gary, IN to celebrate Michael's birthday.

    Yeah sure..bet the WTBTS still takes her donations..


  • jamiebowers

    Talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy whiskey...at least as far as the Watchtower is concerned. I bet Mrs. Jackson has donated tons to the boys in Brooklyn. Micheal even took a page from their playbook when he paid hush money to those accusing him of child sex abuse.

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