Another case of JW shunning - these people have no respect!

by Robert7 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • flipper

    ROBERT 7- I'm sorry you had to experience that inhumane treatment. I've had that done to me as well at times. My JW son-in-law's JW mom would have totally ignored me from 10 ft. away last year as we got into separate cars exiting the bank if I hadn't spoken a greeting first to her. She had this hateful look on her face like " how dare you speak to me ". These people are full of hate for anybody outside their closed society of Witnesses . They've been conditioned and pre-programmed to do so. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't call them on it. You handled it well considering you were trying to keep the peace at a wedding and be the bigger person. I feel you showed much more class than someone claiming to be an alleged " Christian "

  • Dagney

    This stuff just makes me spit. There is no respect or common courtesy. It's the thing that is flat out appalling to me, and use every opportunity to share this shunning practice to non JW's whenever I can.

    The "invisible" thing just gets me. It's not human or natural to just look through somebody as if they are not there. I think you handled it well at the wedding. Anything further could have detracted from a joyous occasion.

    At our beach aposta-fest this weekend, shunning was the topic that hits home the most, and discussed the most.

  • blondie

    The sad reality is that an individual jw can judge you as "bad association" as a personal decision, no real "scriptural" basis, just they don't like you, are jealous of you, your life, etc. When my husband was an elder, I would be snubbed by some of the elder's wives that thought my husband was too kind and helpful towards me. I couldn't help that their husband weren't the same to them. You might smile too much, seem to have it too easy, really all insane reasons. I remember one sister hated me because she thought I was too perfect (seriously, not that I thought I was or acted like it). She proceed to call all the sisters on the phone and lie about me. It took awhile to clear up that, and with some it never was. She had serious self-esteem issues. She finally went on to another target.

  • Robert7

    Fortunately she herself didn't bother me much. I don't at all feel 'victimized'. It was just the principle of the whole thing, and another slam for me against the Witnesses. How sad it is to see someone so mentionally controlled to act in what I would call a inhumane way.

    I still find it very ironic because it really did the exact opposite of what in theory this 'loving arrangement' is supposed to accomplish. It just pisses me off and makes me hate the JWs more, instead of making me want to "return to the fold".

    I still don't know if I should tell my non-JW dad about it. He (with my mom) is friends with her and her husband, and I'd hate to create waves amongst their friendship. Gosh, for being the 'evil apostate' I sure am being considerate of their feelings even though she shunned ME!

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