The (study) WT November 2011 Makes Me Puke !

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  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    Vigilant Christians get a university education and as much education as possible.!!!

    Why because they are Tue Christians and follow what the Bible says on education.

    If through education we can help people in a full way we do it. See Prov. 3:27

    The Bible supports being Skilled. See Proverbs 22:29

    It will make us better able to provide for our family. See 1 Tim. 5:8

    God used those that were highly educated, when God and Jesus had a choice to pick someone to work out there purpose they chose the well educated. EG: Luke, Paul, Moses, Daniel etc…..

    True Christians like the Boreans see what the bible has to say on the subject of education

    News Flash GB the Bible condemns your position on education

  • jam

    I would love to see this article published in A

    national news paper or maybe in Times magazine.

    It is not necessary for us to expose the insanity

    of this organization, hell these lunatics are doing

    A great job on their own, self destructive.

  • nugget

    I grieve for young ones caught up in this organisation and stifling ability and prospects to be temporary residents. I grieve for the elderly ones who have made a lifetime of sacrifices so they could die in poverty, childless knowing they will never be parents and never have the possibility of living forever and never dying.

    This organisation is the biggest robber there has ever been robbing people of potential, governments of taxes taking what little people have in time and resources to make themselves richer. They should feel shame but they are no longer capable of decent emotion.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Now that I'm at university, they have to condemn it. I'll be sharing this gem with my classmates!

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