The (study) WT November 2011 Makes Me Puke !

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  • sizemik

    Making folks feel "guilty" about having the natural desire to seek a life with some basic comforts . . . that they then promise will be in "abundance" in a fictional new world . . . just so they can make more money for WT$ now.

    Yeah . . . I'm off for a quick puke.

  • TimothyT

    I have no love for this organisation whatsoever anymore. They stole my "friends" and made up loads of stupid BS rules about how I should live my life. Bo****s to them! I seriously hope that one day all the JW's read this kind of crap and say to themselves, "you know what... this is absolute nonsense, lets leave now and serve God properly!"

    One can dream! xxx

  • NeonMadman

    Pretty much the same thing they said in 1969, which is why I never got my Bachelors degree until 2009, much too late to make any impact on my career.

  • WTWizard

    That's one sure way to ensure people a stagnant life. There are better reasons why one might not wish to pursue college, whether for now or for good. But because the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger says you need to pio-sneer is not one of them.

    Some good reasons might include the cost, you have a real good job that doesn't depend on college, you didn't make a good enough grade while in high school, or you really aren't sure of where you wish to go. There are a few people out there, mostly in the entertainment business, that lack even full high school diplomas and are very successful. If you are in a cutting edge position where college might just pull you back toward the Establishment, you may wish to not go. And, if you are planning on joining the military, you may wish to put off college until you get back home depending on what branch of the military and the particular circumstances.

    However, one does need ongoing education that you cannot find in the Asleep! rags. Usually, this comes from college. For a few, apprenticeship or even hands-on experience of starting your own business is as good or better. But, even if you don't make one toilet paper extra because you went to college, you might just find the broadening out of your experiences to be worth it. And no, I don't pretend college is perfect. But it sure is better than the Asleep!.

    For an example of how wretched the Asleep! is for education, I had read these rags for roughly 10 years regularly and glanced through them for another 7 or 8. The lessons on cultures are so disjointed that I couldn't do very well on cultures out of Japan--which they did touch on. One could never move to Japan and fit in by the information listed in that article. And, if you want information on other cities in the world, you are not getting it. Example: The local newspaper has weather information on worldwide cities. One had interesting temperature discrepancies: Auckland was consistently chilly during the summer months and mild during winter. To me, that placed it somewhere in the southern hemisphere and no clue as to where (aside that it had to be in the 30-35 o S range by the temperature. Not a peep about it in the Asleep! rag--which left me totally ignorant of its location in New Zealand (the largest city there, another fact left out in the rag). Where in the rags do you find out about cultures in Chile, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, or Singapore that you can rely on?

    To me, this kind of gaps is inexcusable for a rag that is claimed to be the equivalent of a 4-year college degree. And that is just one example. You will find multiple examples of missing and/or inaccurate information about chemistry, physics, space exploration, geology, biology, or medicine. Such information, even if you are not planning on using it in your career, would broaden your base of knowledge. And, even if you never move out of your home country, reading and studying elements of culture in other countries will give you a different perspective of life at home.

    It's even worse with materialism. Not using the world to the full is blatant stupidity. We need basic things to survive, but sticking just to the basics would lead to a miserable life. Even if you expect a major crisis soon, sticking with bare necessities is not wise. Though I took steps to prevent all the money in my bank account from becoming toilet paper by buying silver, I also spent on other things that I might want or need. For starters, I upgraded my clothing to a better quality and got rid of the crap (which will last much longer, and be more appealing). I got plenty of batteries and lanterns, along with chargers--staying near the upper estimate of what I might need instead of the lower. I also picked up Pokemon Black and White, which are not necessities but could provide a little fun should the Internet kill switch be imposed just prior to hyperinflation. I have a wide variety of music, organized by time it came out. I also have plenty of Christmas lights--I believe color can become more than a luxury after a few years of austerity.

    The witlesses, on the other hand, are being ordered to make do with just the bare necessities. Why? So they can pio-sneer. They are supposed to give all their time to the Washtowel Slaveholdery. They miss out on all that broadening out that could give them new insights on their political situation. They miss out on the play. They miss out on colors--most of the life of a Jehovah's Witless is black and white. They miss out on fun. And, to boot, they miss out on security when they get older. Now, if I can manage to afford a few non-essentials now when I "should" be spending it all on silver, why can't they be allowed to afford a few non-essentials? Especially since their service, unlike my silver, cannot give them anything later.

  • punkofnice

    In view of the imminent end of the present system of things

    HOOOOOBOY!!! Here we go again! Same old 'appeals to fear'!

    devote more time and energy toJehovah’s service as zealous Kingdom publishers.

    ...and the usual old 'Do more or God will lovingly murder you! The articles always seem to end up as adverts for wasting time for the GB so you don't have time to stop and think about questions and all the things wrong with the 'organization'. Keep 'em busy! Keep 'em stupid!

    hope of eternal life on earth

    ....and the carrot on the stick just for good measure!

    Sorry. I'm about to hurl chunks. These articles are SO predictable you could set your clock by them.

  • AuntBee

    JW guy who went to high school with my daughter. SUPER talented as far as music. DId a lot with the hs choir, he was the star of it actually. Got a full scholarship for music to the college in our town. Occasionally i would talk with him during senior year about being a music major, his desire to be a band / choir teacher, and how cool that would be, what a neat job to help kids, and be a positive influence, etc. When i talked about this, he just kind of looked at the floor and mumbled. Did not seem excited about it at all, but i knew he loved music. Now through JWN i understand more about his pessimism for his future. He ended up stopping college after 2 years, and is now disabled with some mysterious ailment. Anyone outside of the org can see that it's depression/anxiety. He doesn't work or go to school.

    The other brother spoke of wanting to be an engineer, and is not pursuing that any more. Apparently suddenly he's going into a much lesser type work, to end up working....with his dad? YUK.

  • mrquik

    Passed up a scholarship myself in '69. Only through dumb luck ended up in a good job. I wonder how my childhood friends are doing, looking to retire on Social Security? Oh, I forgot, the end is near. I'm sure it's comforting knowing you're going to live forever. You still believe that, don't you? Remember millions now living will never die. I have to laugh at the memorial talks where they bring up that point. This is all the while we're staring at the ashes at the front of the hall.

  • Quandry

    young Christians are encouraged to pursue

    spiritual goals, getting only as much education

    as is required to meet their basic needs

    That would mean essentially just High School. After all, if one is cleaning floors, or windows, or waitressing, etc., and can struggle week to week to put food on the table, their basic needs are being met.

    Of course, if one isn't physically able to do work outdoors, or all night with heavy equipment, or carry heavy loads, what then?

    I knew years ago, when my daughter was very young, that she was going to be a small, delicate person who would not be able to do alot of physically demanding work. I spent my time doing housecleaning, and other low-paying jobs while struggling financially. I determined that she would have an education. My family is all out now (I was in more than thirty years) and my daughter will graduate this December from a University with a degree in Biology.

    I feel for young people that are pressured not to get an education. What a waste!

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    One of the huge problems with this article that was shoved down my throat 30 years ago (nothing ever changes) is that the bare minimum of education that you need to "get by" has changed colossally. You could "get by" with a high school education then. Where does that leave the now 40, 50, 60 year old witnesses?? No where! The cycle continues, they have nothing to offer their children but a massive brain drain. NMKA

  • WildeLover

    Vigilant Christians refrain from using

    the world to the full with regard to higher


    Disgraceful- so one questiosn i would love to ask - does that mean that any christian that does pursue a college education is then not vigilant and then a "virgin" that does not have enough oil? ie a follish one!! AGGGHH here


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